Chess Openings- Halloween Gambit

The Halloween Gambit is a tricky gambit that follows the 4 knights games, we look at the different options white has and how black can defend correctly. We also look how bad things can get for black if he does not defend correctly.

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  1. no offense but no one would be that dumb to move their horse BACKwards to the spot they came from…

  2. 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️👁👁

  3. I remember this being my favorite way back when I played a lot. My friend called it the pawn of death opening. (3:58)

  4. What can you play after halloween gambit declined? Meaning they don't take the knight.

  5. On the first play that the knight gets challenged f4 is also a safe square

  6. If the halloween gambit fails… It's dangerous 😂

  7. 6:19 we can have a discover check,or we can go to take a piss and attack the king here

  8. This is up there with the bongcloud as my favorite opening

  9. What if you play f6? I'm assuming that's a mistake

  10. This Gambit gave me trouble
    I don't know what to do.

  11. I love this opening but how do you counter bishop to b4

  12. Wow just faced this in my game and it made no sense but it felt like a sudden aggression out of no where. I was able to make a win by attacking back and preventing the castle but lost my rook in the process. A really devastating gambit to face when you never heard of it

  13. What do you do if after f4 opponent goes knight g4?

  14. I just started playing chess and I was wondering, if I was black, would it be better to defend with Queen to e7 in 02:37

  15. 9:28 – why not take the Rook instead of an attack on the Queen?

  16. 6:25 if you went Qb4, then the queen would just take, screw the discovered attack, free queen

  17. Dude, you tried too hard to make this video 10 mins. I nearly fell asleep lmao

  18. 6:21 in the vid bishop and knight are defended the queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  19. I really like this channel subscriber from the Philippines

  20. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:

    Thanksgiving gambit

  21. How do you play it if black moves the Knight to G4? As the response to pushing the pawn?

  22. The opening intro theme should have been Halloween Michael Meyer's music

  23. Things can change quickly and your gambit could be in danger black may make a few good opening moves it depends on black making moves in conjunction with your gambit

  24. Did anyone else expect the Halloween theme when they heard the piano?

  25. The reason for my ‘Thumbs down’ was your audio quality.

    Everything else was ‘thumbs up’.

    Wait…I guess I’ll just….THUMPS UP!

  26. I played this gambit in a game im in Rn and i didnt even know it

  27. Someone is selling a "Happy Halloween Gambit" T shirt on a model cosplaying Harlequin. I came here to find out if it was a real gambit. It is! Cool.

  28. At first I thought it was going to play the theme song from Halloween on piano.

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