Chess Openings: Halloween Gambit – a fun opening for Blitz chess!

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  1. Very fun. Just tried it and won at 1400

  2. you should do more opening videos, i like them !

  3. What if white plays in symmetry and takes the e4 pwn with his knight ? Halloween counter-gambit ?

  4. This opening always catches people off guard.

  5. Someone actually tried it against me today and I intuitively tried the Bb4 route. He didn't follow up with the aggressive queen attack though and allowed me to wriggle my way into a win.

  6. You should do a Live Blitz video using this opening!

  7. I love the gambit. I used to employ it a while ago and it was tons of fun. But what I am really excited about is your Halloween Gambit playlist. I never did realize that I could video explore an opening just by taking all of your games (or other youtube chess enthusiasts spamming the world with their games 🙂 ) employing that opening and watching them back to back.

  8. Blue Moon outside 😀 100% what a game 😀 

  9. Idk. Pin knight to g2 pawn? thats better.

  10. You can actually transpose into this from the Petrov defense/Russian game as well. Sometimes, they will play Qe7 in order to pin the e-pawn and I just tend to play f4, develop the bishop, and castle king-side with a ton of threats such as a pin on the queen. It's a very aggressive and solid attacking opening though at times it's a little tricky to play as the knight is given up right at the start.

  11. To the fun-sapping Bd6, white can play f4! to at least spice things up a little (though black is still probably better)

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