Chess Openings: Grunfeld Defense

The Grunfeld Defense is one of the most popular chess defenses against the d4 opening from white. Black looks to play a hypermodern defense by allowing white to control the center of the board and counterattack the center with this minor pieces. White much be careful and defend properly or his center control will vanish. White also has the option to decline and continue with a more aggressive line.

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  1. Isn't the C5 black pawn hanging for awhile? Why wouldn't white just take it earlier?

  2. You're not even teaching an opening. You're making up some hypothetical game where black has these perfect moves that fit u miraculously.

  3. Who else doesn't know how to type the ü in Grunfeld Defense

  4. "I don't play like Kasparov. He's a little better than I am."

    LOL. You're too modest. 😉

  5. I remember someone played this on me once, the lines look sort of the same. Well thanks this is a defense that i can use because it looks like the King's Indian Defense

  6. i love your vids but this one didn't help me as much as the others thx!

  7. 1.d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. d5..! IF 1.d4 Nf6 2. d5 can again be played And if 1.d4 d5 then 2.c4 and if g6 or Nf6 now then c x d5. IF Nxd5 then e4..!! attacking the knight with tempo. In fact, many players still fianchetto and castle on the king's side but the H pawn thrust and if blocked G thrust are just 2 powerful. White king in the center or queen side, trading black's fianchetto bishop and even sacrificing pieces gives white a good adv. and even mating threats in the mid game.

  8. i could beat kasporov just take away his pawns knights bishops rooks and the queen he would be a goner

  9. yep your totally right PeterRoeder31, Nf3 is a book move and is fine to play, and the book move after would be pawn to c5.

  10. Your videos have honestly gotten me back into chess. Every chess book I have that I didn't read or half-know the moves you elucidate better than any text could, and also go through each variant.
    In my mind I always think "but what if this was played instead," and you answer that, multiple ways.

  11. Hello good sir! Thank you for posting this video, and for you concise explanation of the Grunfeld. If I may, I wish to challenge you to further explain how White is BETTER in the "Grunfeld Gambit" line. After 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d5 4.Bf4 Bg7 5.e3 0-0!? 6.cxd5 Nxd5 7.Nxd5 Qxd5 8.Bxc7 Na6! Black is way ahead in development after a move like 9.Bg3 Bf5 followed by…Rac8 when ALL of Black's pieces are developed and White's King is still stuck in the center! So, how is White better here? 😉

  12. I'm not a big fan of Grunfeld's defense. There are too many things white can to do mess with it.

  13. "I don't play like Kasparov. He's a little better than I am."
    (My thoughts: Did he just say Kasparov? Rewind. Did he REALLY say Kasparov? Then read the comments.)
    Nevertheless that was very entertaining and jolted me out of my stupor.

  14. @chandygarcia Dunno. There are a few that I like. I'm just a mid-1600's player, so I'm not that up with strategies and what not. I just don't like giving up center control of the board. Grunfeld has never worked for me. I usually answer a d4 opening with d5 right away. It seems to work for Anand, and who am I to argue with that? LOL

  15. I think grunfeld is not a very dangerous opening to play with black,it does not remind something like sicilian,cuz white can easily draw the game,there is theory in grunfeld that draws for white..So if you wanna win,you dont play grunfeld,except if your openent is not high level(i mean 2200 and down)or if you want to surprise him..My oppinion is that if you want to win,best oppenings are the Tarrasch,the Kings Indian ,Slav defence and Benoni.

  16. u are amazing 🙂 thanks for the videos u have been making and keep the good work 😛

  17. Kasparov actually abandoned this opening, because black is loosing the battle in the center.

    He said that he believes that Grunfeld was an in-correct opening, and he could hardly measure him-self playing Grunfeld regularly against Karpov in a World Championship match.

  18. I was wondering, at 4:20 white could capture the black pawn at c5 with the pawn ad d4. Would that be a bad move?

  19. Thanks! One of the most clear explanation for the Grunfeld I've seen. Using to be aggressve and don't knowing a few minutes ago with the Russian variation, it helped a lot. 1000 times thanks!

  20. @Olliek94 I actually wondered the same thing and thus put the position into my engine. The recommended answer to dxc5 seems to be Nd7, attacking the pawn on c5 which can only be physically defended by Ba3 after which Qa5 attacks c5 a second time and also attacks the unprotected bishop on a3. So long story short, white seems to be unable to keep his pawn and may also slip into a worse position by delaying his castle. I hope this was helpful.

  21. very low quality analysis and lots of lies….have you even got FM oder at least 2000 ELO?!

  22. At 7:50 .. can't white just go a3. Forcing the queen to retreat?

  23. nb5 doesn't really do much. black responds knight a6developing a piece, and white knight will be kicked back with a6 or c6 losing vital tempo

  24. i think after a3, dxc4 Bxc4, Qxc5 and both sides are equai on material and white's center control with the pawns are lost

  25. also after Qxc5 white has to retreat the bishop

  26. Great Video! I checked out the website i liked it alot

  27. 7:38 should black play 1…c6 instead, will it strengthen his position?

  28. Another thing you will see from white instead of 3 Nc3 is f3. mainline i think was then … d5. cxd5- Nxd5 – e4. Nb6

  29. To bad you don't explain an early c5 from black (before castle). Usually the main point in this opening is (if no one blunders) white gets an isolated passed d-pawn. If black can win that pawn he wins the game if not white wins.

  30. actually bishop to g4 pinning knight is a mistake. (at 3:09)

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