Chess Openings: Giuoco Piano

The oldest openings recorded, the Giuoco Piano has some exciting opening lines that you can play according to your personal style. Hopefully this video will help you understand the concepts behind the opening and what to look for when you come across it.

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  1. 15 years and im here in May 17 ,2024 watching this video.

  2. "giuoco piano" and "giuoco pianissimo do not mean "quiet game" and "very quiet game". This is a common misconception in English speaking chess content, likely coming from a 1996 English book quoted by wikipedia. But that book was just wrong. "Piano" can mean "quiet", but as an adverb, thus "quietly" (thus "piano" and "pianissimo" in music, because the meaning is "play quietly!" or "play very quietly", as an order that the conductor gives to the orchestra, or the notation to the conductor. As an adjective, as it is here relative to the noun "game", "piano" means "plain". So, "plain game" and "very plain game" is the correct translation.

  3. On 7:50 of this video, after Pawn to D5 threating na knight C6, this knight can go to A5 and attack the bishop on C4.I think, There's no need to sacrifice the knight for black.

  4. so incomplete. doesnt even answer the most obvious line

  5. More than 13 years later, this remains a very helpful video. Thank for this!

  6. 13 years ago OH MY GOD. Btw can you make a video on c3 variation?

  7. at 8:20 what if black moves bishop to a5 or b4… the pressure is still on that square, would you counter by just eating the knight or trying to force the bshop off that line with your two pawns on a and b

  8. If he moves a5 or b4, I would capture the knight c6 right away. If black captures with the d pawn then you can trade queens and force black to take with his king.

    If black take with the b pawn then you can move your queen to a4! which will attack the bishop on either the a5 or b4 and threaten bishop f7 check and at the same time attack with the queen either the black bishop or knight, winning a extra pawn and forcing the king to move.

  9. Thanks for the comment. I'm very new to youtube but hopefully in the future everyone can learn from future videos and this community can become something awesome.

  10. The Guico Piano is in my mind a question of nerves. Who can hold their nerve and play to the book. The first person to crack and deviate from the main line will be the one to fall in my experience. ANd this is something I have learnt from years of playing this opening, and is something these vids wont tell you!!

  11. what is the opening called if instead of Bc5…. the move played by black is Nf6??

  12. hey… i do have one more giuoco piano opening… it is like this…. e4-e5,Nf3-Nc6,Bc4-Bc5,c3-Nf6,d4-exd4,cxd4-Bb4+,Nc3-Nxe4,0-0-Nxc3,bxc3-Bxc3,Ba3-BxRa1,Re1+-Ne7,RxNe7+-Kf8,Rxf7+-Kg7,Rf8#!

  13. Great Vid! Actually black could also attempt the fishing pole trap, which actually comes in the spanish opening, which is very similar to this.

  14. very true, when the fishing pole works, it's wonderful.

  15. You definitely want to be careful if black breaks from the main line. With a wide open and dynamic opening, it is often common for both sides to try multiple traps. If black deviates from the main line ask yourself what his goal is? Is he simply developing? Is he attacking one of your pieces? Is he setting up an attack. See what he is threatening and then respond.

  16. I would simply develop to Nc3, bringing the night into the game and defending your e pawn. You might get in trouble by trying to defend with something like d3 as it blocks in your light square bishop. If you have two moves that develop and one keeps lines open for your pieces, I'd choose that. Then you can focus on developing your bishop or bringing pawn to d4 and opening up the center.

  17. Thanks for checking out the video. I think this was the first day I posted a chess video on youtube so it probably was not my best video. I've tried to improve as I've done more videos but thanks for the feedback. I'm always trying to make better videos.

  18. Your vids are very helpful. Thanks for the effort of doing them.
    Which software do you use for editing your videos? and which program do you use for capturing your tutorials?

  19. Glad to hear you are enjoying them.

    For editing my videos I just use Windows Movie Maker

    For recording I use Windows Media Encoder

    The actual software i use for chess is Aquarium which uses Rybka.

    All of these are free (Aquarium is free although it costs money to buy a more powerful engine) to use. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

  20. I want to make sure I understand the question correctly. Are you asking if black or white moves back to d3. I see that white has the option to move to d3 but I thought you might be referring to black.

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