Chess Openings: Giuoco Piano

The oldest openings recorded, the Giuoco Piano has some exciting opening lines that you can play according to your personal style. Hopefully this video will help you understand the concepts behind the opening and what to look for when you come across it.

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  1. XD yeah epic music and then….. Hey its Kevin lmao.

  2. im gonna go ahead and not play this opening

  3. if  white castled    first  then   how to continue

  4. shocking opening song, especially when i use headphones

  5. At the end c3 pawn was left pinned. Isn't that bad for white?

  6. Can anyone tell me why at 09:00 black couldn't just castle king side instead of sending his knight back to defend?

  7. In the trap: after we have moved the rook to e1, black does whatever move, we do b-e7 taking the knight, queen takes, rook takes, king takes, what then? I can't think of any checking move that doesnt leave the bishop unguarded

  8. Great vid I am a chess beginner who needs to learn higher level strategy!

  9. 3:10 I never really play this opening, but what about Bg5 here?

  10. If I start this way preparing for a fried liver attack,and black doesn't play Nf6, should I waste a move on switching to Ruy Lopez?

  11. With the first variation when you get to the point where their queen is stuck behind the knight that's pinned by rook and bishop it's unclear what's the next move. If you take the knight you get the queen but lose bishop and rook. That leaves you with no rooks and down pieces but still up the queen. Is there a better way that you can keep a bishop or rook?

  12. Pretty interesting stuff; a lot of masters avoid this opening due to the fact that it promises both sides quick development.

  13. at 8:05, what if black play Ne5 instead of Bf6? Looks like white is losing a piece here

  14. What if at 9:10 black chooses to castle instead? Cause that solves the king's safety problem, and he's gonna lose a knight anyway.

  15. im graded 99 and some guy graded 167 played the evans gambit and i beat him. my highest win

  16. seems like you could spring that trap whether black takes with the bishop or the knight?

  17. Bc4 isn't this opening, that's the Italian game. It's blacks Bc5 which makes it.

  18. can someone explain to me whyxat 5:42 he doesnt do c1 to g5? I am still getting in to the game but thats what i saw

  19. Do you have a solution to this Variation please:
    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. c3 Nf6 5. d4 exd4 6. cxd4 Bb4+ 7.Nc3 d6 !

  20. what about after c3, d4 if knight takes e4

  21. You are awwwweeeeesoommeeee broooo

  22. I believe that this is called the Italian Variation of the Italian Game.

  23. 7:21 White needs to play accurately to win after BxN+ QxB RxQ KxR because while the Black King is forced out into the open White is a piece down and has no rooks.

  24. At 9:06 would black gain from castling instead of moving a knight?

  25. Can you create some videos about creating a plan and strategies ?

  26. Your queen move was wrong on that first variation.

  27. MY mom can hear the music and she got mad at me. Next time pease lower the volume

  28. Why can't black' s bishop just move back to c5 in the Evans Gambit after b4?

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