Chess Openings: Giuoco Piano

The oldest openings recorded, the Giuoco Piano has some exciting opening lines that you can play according to your personal style. Hopefully this video will help you understand the concepts behind the opening and what to look for when you come across it.

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  1. I played first 40 seconds in fast speed, thanks anyway

  2. the "g" in giuoco is pronounced as a "g" not as a "j". like the "g" in gambit, game etc

  3. I am a big fan of your videos Kevin pls give more video and my name is kavin
    You have many opening

  4. What if instead of bishop to c5, black moves queen pawn to d5?

  5. At 08.06 how about Ne5 instead of Bf6…white losing

  6. So you loose 2 rooks, a bishop, and a pawn for a queen and a knight.

  7. Great explanation and walkthrough of this. Very helpful

  8. I got into a situation: I play a game identical to the first scenario in this video up to the point when black is supposed to retreat with his knight to e7. Instead he went Nd4, which according to me is much better move as he is now threatening my queen and knight on f3 (with check). Obviously if I try to save my queen or the knight, I lose one of the bishops. How can I get out of this? It put me into great disadvantage!

  9. Could have used that trap today. Should have watched this sooner lol.

  10. Hi, can you please discuss the black playing Bc5 instead of Ba5 in the Evans gambit variations?

  11. lol ive just played a party exactly like that, the 10th move, the queen behind the bishop is pure theory i just saw that on chesscom, he took my rook with his black square bishop and then i had a very good attack

  12. Just won a Giuoco Piano game as white. Fun game 🙂

  13. Can u include the e5 variation after black takes on d4

  14. wow you have been uploading for like a year

  15. I am crying right now looking at this chess video from 12 years ago 😢

  16. If your opponent develops the f6 knight before taking the pawn doesn’t that just leave e5 a free tempo and then you take back. I’m new to this opening so I’m not entirely sure. Could you give me a specific line that might help black equalize?

  17. Yours is one of the first chess channels I learnt from, thanks for these videos! Revisiting your channel again after a long time

  18. Fantastic overview. I notice American's always say "go ahead" when doing instructional videos. Can you say it less in future videos to make them more watchable please?

  19. Still a very good opening for patzers like myself. One of the few openings that I have memorized.

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