Chess openings – French Defence

Chess openings – French Defence
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  1. clearly the best presentation of openings i have seen online..You explain the ideas behind the openings..For a beginner that has first touch with opening theory and even for an experienced player that wants to try something new,your videos are recipe for success..

  2. Would someone mind explaining or directing me to something that explains how the French isn't simply worse than the Caro Kann? Especially in each advance variation, it seems much more active for black with the active bishop.

  3. How about the MacCutcheon Variation???

  4. Ya its great video for french defence but i felt Sleppy after watching it plz bring in more intresting manner bro…

  5. Definitely aimed for everyone to understand there. Which is awesome. You put so much work into this, it definitely deserves a like

  6. 1:17 What should we do if White captured the Pawn at d5?

  7. When we play knight h5then white can simply move on to G4

  8. Very nice explanation; I'll definitely look into your other videos as well. Thanks a bunch!

  9. 0:18-you can come out as a second move with the right black horse so the white bishop has to beat it

  10. But I don't know to play against french defense…

  11. I always play the Paulsen Attack if my opponent plays the French defense .

  12. its great that you explain everything to help us. thank you.

  13. I really like your videos so much that I made a notebook in which I write all openings and variations… But while writing like you know, it is difficult to write without coordinates. So is it possible for you to include coordinates on board from next video?

  14. Dereque, this video has helped me come to grips with playing against the FD. I used to go KIA but since this video, my win percentage against it has greatly improved. Thanks!

  15. I really appreciate your videos Dereque. My favorite instructor for sure.

  16. This is an excellent video on the French advance. It certainly helped me understand the ideas. Thank for for your effort in creating these videos.

  17. My english is not perfect and i am not a chess champion, but thank you for this video

  18. FINALLY someone did a good Youtube video on the French defence!

  19. This guy talks slow as a snail. Listen to him at 2x speed to save time guys.

  20. Good stuff. I recently started picking up the French Defense again after a long hiatus and this helped correct some misrememberings I had.

  21. The scariest thing here is the effiel tower with lights on

    Also e6

  22. These quick overviews by Dereque are a great place to start.

  23. Honourable sir can you please put more videos of French defence

  24. Really well explained and easy to understand. An easy choice to subscribe, thanks 🙂

  25. DK, I love your straight forward explanations without a lot of jibber jabber that others feel compelled to engage in !!! Thanks for great videos.

  26. Your lesson on the Ruy Lopez Spanish opening got me two out of ten more wins. Someone suggested I try the French for black, surged YouTube and am glad I found that you did a video on it. Thanks very much. Your lessons are excellent.

  27. Like or Dislike: Like. This video is exactly the kind I was looking for when I searched "French defense."

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