Chess Openings- English

The English Opening in chess is one of the most common flank openings. White looks to gain center control with his c4 pawn and put pressure on the light squares.

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  1. Thanks. I did not even existed when this video was uploaded.

  2. The Queen's death anniversary has passed. Long live the King!

  3. Thanks a lot. Future videos will hopefully go over more fundamentals that should help everyone.

    It's always good to know what your "strategy" is at all times instead of "move 20 moves" and then think "ok what do I do now?"

    Glad you enjoyed!

  4. Thanks for the kind words. I am trying to put out the most helpful information that I can.

  5. glad you enjoyed! thanks for checking out the vid.

  6. your vids are the best on youtube by far, keep it up!

  7. that's awesome to hear, glad you are enjoying them.

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