Chess Openings- English

The English Opening in chess is one of the most common flank openings. White looks to gain center control with his c4 pawn and put pressure on the light squares.

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  1. early on if you can take one of central pawns of your opponents with one of your flank pawns it's usually a good idea. I would just capture with pawn cxd5. If black responds by taking with Knight fxd5 then you can develop bishop to g2, adding more pressure to the d5 square.

  2. Try watching Kingscrusher, he's the best in my opinion.

  3. hey, how does white respond if black mimics white's c4 opening?

  4. I would just develop your knight to c3. If black continues to mirror you can develop your other knight and fianchetto your bishop on the king side.

  5. usually not recommended to move a piece more than once in an opening unless you have a really good reason. In the English I don't ever move my knight to d5.

  6. Which opening is easy and useful against beginners?

  7. Which opening is the one where my pawn goes to d4 and e4???

  8. something like the ruy lopez or the queens gambit lines are pretty straight forward and shouldn't have too much crazy play from beginners.

  9. really depends on where black moves to actually say the official name of the opening. But if you start with d4 then it's just the queen's pawn opening.

  10. My opinion is that beginners should go for crazy open games with lots of nice tactics everywhere, as they are pretty thematic and you learn what I think is the heart of chess. When I began playing chess something like 2-3 years ago, I started with sharp gambits and stuff. And althou I find myself uneasy with slow strategic games and endgames, I think it's the way to go, it makes chess fun. And I don't do that bad (my rating floats around 1600). I'd say anything with 1.e4 and the word gambit:D

  11. crazy is DEF more fun, but just depends on your "chess personality." I know some people like to almost get themselves in problems so they can "solve a puzzle" while others (like myself) just like to attack attack attack. But as a gambiteer myself I def can't argue with learning gambits.

  12. I would start with king or pawn openings. So I would start with e4 or d4. I would stay away from gambits starting out. I will be making a video very soon on opening game fundamentals that should also help. Once you start playing, you will start to develop your own style of play and can focus on an opening that fits your style of play.

  13. your moms opening.
    lol, hope you are not offended, but you sat your self for it!

  14. well, i cant complane. but you know that was good!

  15. Thanks for the Vids. I am trying to out do Chess Titans from Windows Vista. Real Challenging on Levels 6 through 10.

  16. Hey i'm trying that too, but sadly with this opening i try to tranpose into something else because the computer already has a defense to counter it. (it throws the enemy off.) Not just computers but People too.

  17. I fucking love the epic music that opens these videos!!!

  18. Very nice! It is a quite "simple" opening. I am a begginer though…

  19. how come you never see an opening with the rooks pawn?

  20. I thought it was Enigma, but it sounds more like Era, haine920

  21. i was doing some research on the English opening, it's greatest strength is tranpostion, but it can get into a lot of lines that people don't want to get into, but the English isn't about control any color square, its more about having flexible to the user to get into a game where he has the advantage to move where he wants. Most of the time it can end up as a Queen's gambit decline or the Nizmo-Indian, or the polish opening, but the main idea is to get into a game where you have the advantage.

  22. why don`t you move the black pawn to c5 in the beginning at 2.26? 0.0

  23. Thanks! It's pronounced fian "k" etto, by the way.

  24. @thechesswebsite
    Hi, I've been trying out the English opening recently and in the first game I played with it I worked my way into a bad position and I'm not sure exactly why. I'm wondering if you can take a look at my first 7 moves and tell me what you think I did wrong and perhaps what I should've done.

    1. c4, nf6
    2. nc3, c6
    3. g3, d5
    4. b3, d4
    5. na4, e5
    6. e3, dxe3
    7. fxe3, bb4

  25. What if black challenges the same light square, what is a good response?

  26. People are wrong about the song. The name of it is "Escape" by craig armstrong.

  27. @thechesswebsite For your videos, your talking is VERY quiet. Which is awful because your intro is OVERLY loud. can you fix this please? thanks for hosting these btw.

  28. I play this against my brother and he whopped me by playing 4. …Bc5 instead of a knight or pawn move. He later sacrificed that bishop to take away my right to castle. What is a good response to this variation?

  29. @pinkokevin If black attacks with the queen's pawn, white can simply pull his knight to C3, and the queen is forced to move away, thus white gets to develop a second piece and gain some tempo. I actually enjoy it when black tries to respond with D6; I tend to win more times than not because inexperienced players spend more time bouncing their queen around than developing pieces.

  30. Also, I forgot to mention, but if you think about it, giving up a center pawn for a flank pawn isn't entirely in black's best interest. Giving up a pawn on the D file and leaving white with both of his central pawns could come back to bite black in the ass later on in the game.

  31. @AlbertEinsten26 Try any of the Indians – King Indian, Queen, Nimzo. Those are pretty good.

  32. 4:10 But when we play Knight to f3, Black can simpli put his Pon to e4. I guess you have to play Pon to d3 first.

  33. Are the English Opening follow-up vids planned anytime soon? It's my favorite opening, and I understand the basics (like what's shown in this video), but I still could use some work on expanding my fundamental knowledge. (What should I do after controlling the light squares, punishing incorrect play from opponent, etc.)

  34. That inrmtro music is so epic and you're like hey uts kevin

  35. yeah Kevin this is my favorite opening and i would love some deep analysis on it

  36. to learn to get better to understand openings

  37. hey chess website can you make a further video of Sicilian dragon plz

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