Chess Openings: Danish Gambit

The Danish Gambit is one of the most aggressive openings you can play and it focuses on sacrificing material for rapid development and a huge spacial advantage. Here we discuss the key concepts to know when playing this opening.

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  1. At 7:30 it makes no sense to me why black would not move his queen to G2

  2. Video is too quiet. Volume needs to be up

  3. The danish gambit where the thumbnail looks like you just robbed all of their pieces… including the king

  4. Instead of D6, KH6 and then castle looks pretty solid. No?

  5. 4:01 couldn't black bishop get defended by black pawn so white queen wouldn't attack?

  6. In your expert opinion, what is the best way for black to respond to the danish gambit?
    Ignore the first gambit? Accept the first gambit? Accept the 2nd gambit?
    thank you!

  7. Great video, try to say 'they/their' instead of 'he/his' though as it makes it sound like only men play chess

  8. Why not just play out the resf of the game???

  9. At my level nobody makes the best move 😂, move 2: gambit over

  10. The audio is really quiet in this video. Anyway, I tried it out, but my opponent played a different line, and I totally messed it up.

  11. I love the danish gambit but the danish gambit does not love me

  12. I think my brother would not fall in this trap at the beginning. He would ignore the pawns and concentrate on his own plan. If you are experienced this won, t work. 😊👍❤️

  13. I’m playing with someone and they didn’t do that.

  14. I'm danish and this opening looks fun. This'll be my new main.

  15. Perfect voice to drift off to sleep too 😴 yawn

  16. Why doesn't the queen not capture the pawn on g2 square after white moves the knight to f3

  17. isnt that the smith morra opening? so similar

  18. at 07:24 thats a worst move I can see, why did queen didn't take the pawn in g2?

  19. I like this video, but American's constantly say "go ahead" every 2 seconds, which is a little distracting and unnecessary.
    Growth vid tho 👍

  20. I just played this and my opponent asked me what the hell am I doing but played right into lol, so I sent him this video

  21. Hard to see anyone but a beginner falling for this gambit

  22. This counts too much on black making specific opening moves.

  23. 13 years ago a dubious proposition. Today a crushing attack.

  24. At the 3:47 mark he tells us that Black’s best move is pawn to d6; I disagree. Black’s best move is knight to f6. Next, if White plays queen to b3, Black’s best move is queen to e7. It provides protection to black’s bishop and places additional pressure on White’s e4 pawn

  25. Is the main motive of move Nf5 (9:20) to prevent the move Qb4+ which will result in losing the queen

  26. The following is a game I played, combining the Danish Gambit with a fried liver attack.
    Keep in mind, we were both late 1000s rated players.

    1. e4 e5

    2. d4 exd4

    3. c3 dxc3

    4. Bc4 cxb2

    5. Bxb2 Nc6

    6. Nf3 d6

    7. Ng5 Be6

    8. Nxe6 fxe6

    9. Bxe6 Be7

    10. Bxg7 Bf6

    11. Qh5+ Ke7

    12. Qf7#

  27. Kevin, I am soo glad that I at last found Your soo Good video, thanks a lot! 😊👍♟

  28. 2:50 why move the knight to c3 instead of d2? i feel this would relinquish the bishops path

  29. Can you record with higher volume please?

  30. At 2.50 the knight blocks the bishop.
    For this reason moving to queen 2 leaves the bishop with its domination of the long diagonal.

  31. A great opening for white,exploiting black greediness!!!

  32. The double pawn sac variation is a double edged sword… One misstep and white is dead lost. I never attempted this at a chess tournament in my high school years as the risk is too great.

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