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  1. Scandinavian defence – botez Gambit variation

  2. the opening just made it less developed

  3. Roses are red violets are blue we all looked in the commments

  4. Cok catur di gerak2 in bikin bingun kepala ae

  5. Scandinavian. I play it most of the time lol.

  6. Still could have had mate if he made a queen

  7. First it was King's pawn opening, then Scandinavian defense

  8. I used play this when i was 12 😂😂😂

  9. for the beginners : this is scandinavian defense with halozar trap, and its valencian variation

  10. Queen checks king at first doesnt take back

  11. Scandinavian defense velencian variation

  12. Me gustó el efecto del color se ve muy Bonito

  13. Lo único malo es el movimiento del tablero.

  14. No scanadavian brings the queen back I rather check the king and then develop my peices

  15. Чотко, дерзка. Люблю эмоциональные гамбиты

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