Chess openings – Catalan Opening

Chess openings – Catalan Opening
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  1. so don't panic on the dxc capture…..will Carlsen play the Catalan against Anand in game 6…..

  2. Exceptionally clear video – thank you!

  3. Would you consider the catalan more tactical, positional, or in-between? I'm an in-between tactical and positional player myself. Great video btw; very easy to understand and its clear.

  4. I think your videos are great!. I have been a very casual players for years…trying to teach my son some now and I think your videos are great for those of us amatuers who have a hard time picturing algebraic notation positions in our head.

  5. Wonderful clarity – thank you! Any chance you might find time to discuss the c6 variant?

  6. Thanks for this. Hopefully this will help me in the tournament I am playing in!

  7. Low down the volume on the intro!!!!!! OMG!! Great vid by the way….

  8. Terrific explanation of a complex opening! Thank you

  9. I am 1900-2000 rated player , I didn't come here to learn catalan because I play it since 2012 but to tell you my game on the tournament I played against 1500 rated guy !! So
    What's Your Opinion ?
    1.d4 d5
    2.c4 Nf6
    3.g3 e6
    4.Bg2 c5
    5.Nf3 Nc6
    6.O-O Bd6
    7.dxc5 Bxc5
    8.Nbd2 O-O
    9.cxd5 Nxd5
    10.b3 a5
    11.Bb2 b5
    12.Qc2 Qd6
    13.Ng5 g6
    14.Nge4 Nd4
    15.Bxd4 Bxd4
    16.Nxd6 Bxa1
    17.Rxa1 Bd7
    18.N6e4 Rac8
    19.Qb2 Nb4
    22.Nxf8 Kxf8

  10. I just search for queen's gambit alternative and friend of mine told me about catalan!Thank you for the video 🙂

  11. Love your videos! Very instructive and to the point.

    Is it more common to get this opening from 1D4, or would I get it more often if I went for the English, looking to transpose into this?

  12. Awesome video!!! Thanks for making. Is this a good opening for a beginner player such as myself (rated ~1000)?

  13. A little homework?!?
    It's almost christmas!
    P.S. I love your videos!

  14. Highly instructive. Thanks. I find a way to avoid Nimzo since I have problem with it mainly because of double pawns. 4.Qc2 avoid double pawns but slow down development. 3.Nf3 leading to QID is not my taste. So I looking at Catalan and it look OK to me. The light square bishop is extremely powerful.

  15. Thanks for helping us to improve our chess.

  16. Excellent analysis and breakdown of the Catalan opening! I must add it to my arsenal.

  17. This is a fine example of how simple explanations are the best and most helpful. Thank you. I'm definitely going to improve my repertoire by watching more of your vids.

  18. 9:38 You got to a really great part and then dismissed it because it was too tactical of a variation. I want to see that! Great videos!

  19. Nice video. I think b5 is a blunder since it's never played according to openings database. The most common move is Nd7. I would like to see a video covering this.

  20. This is a fucking amazing opening, so subtle in its threats that black has to play brilliantly to combat white's ideas..DOWN

  21. A wonderful explainer of the aims of this opening

  22. The best chess presentation I've watched on YouTube. Learnt so much in 12min

  23. Great video! I'm inspired to play the Catalan now lol.

  24. My rating has gone up 400 points because of your videos. Thanks

  25. its great!
    however i would like to add that the catalan is not a quiet game

  26. My dear dereque what about "the businessman opening"..I mean the colle system -zukerturt and traditional variation-..Can you make a video about it and explain the plan behind it with my love

  27. Estava buscant openings del Super 3 no una classe d'escacs però no estic decebut.

  28. your videos are simply briliant and enjoyable

  29. I am thinking the real fight between black pieces and white pieces for the catalan opening chess is when the black pieces start to accept to exchange the d5 pawn for the c4 pawn with king castle for white pieces and a6 for black pieces because the danger can do the black pieces is to push and to give a pressure on the queen side and the danger can do the white pieces it is to put the pressure in the center and the diagonal is opened a discovered attack with white bishop in g2, this is the real fight for the both

  30. TIL that "tempi" is the plural form of "tempo."

  31. Do you also have an explanation of the closed catalan?

  32. He looks like the one from blood diamond

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