Chess Openings: Caro Kann

The Caro Kann is one of the most popular openings for black against the common e4 move from white. Black looks to play c6 with the idea of immediately playing d5 next, attacking the e4 pawn. This defense is one of the few moves that is thought to be not only equal for black in the main line but many times advantageous as black reaches a better pawn structure in the end game.

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  1. love the Caro Kann, simple solid and full of opportunities for the opponent to fuck up

  2. Thank you for the tutorials, but why do you always say "he?" As if the players are always men? Just a thought.

  3. Who else is here after Hikaru’s beginner tier part 1 video

  4. Am I the only one who always thinks of this as the Caro-KHHHHHAAAAAANNNNNN! defense?

  5. Sounds like an airline captain playing chess

  6. Pls show us the mainline. The cute variations you can show us later. I will be there

  7. 3:19 what's the point of whites move pawn to h4 if it hurt his pawn structure anyway?

  8. I'm here after getting obliterated by this on lichess

  9. Hello, new to this channel.
    What Elo are you currently?

  10. Excellent Chess and Chanel. I like watching & re-watching to make sure I not only learn, but understand. And I read all the Comments for additional information. Thank you! I'm Rated 1513 at Chess24. Looking for up my Rating if I can. Nothing to brag about, but I love learning, even though I lose more than I win.

  11. My current rating is 320 😬. I am now doing plenty of chess homework to hopefully improve my egregious play lol.

    Update: I've won 4/7 games after learning this strategy. Plus i feel much more confident on the board! Thanks!

  12. Classical Variation
    1. e4, c6 2. d4, d5 3. Nc3, dxe4 4. Nxe4, Bf5
    5. Ng3, Bg6 6. h4, h6 7. Nf3, Nf6/queen move 8. h5, Bh7, 8. Bishop exchange

  13. For some reason I seem to prefer playing with Caro kann than the Sicilian, even though I studied the Sicilian more.

  14. Is there a different variation if they play c4 before pushing e5?

  15. put the video in 1.25 and it still sounds normal

  16. If he takes back your pawn with his knight, and you go protect variation with your bishop, and he backs up his knight with a bishop, then what? Computer says take the pawn with your queen, but I hate that.

  17. heyyyyyy KEVIN!!!!!!! can u make a new version of this video please?

  18. good stuff, this guy sounds like an airline pilot on the intercom when we're about to land.

  19. It's called the Caro Kann, not the caro kann't….

  20. What kinda potato computer is this man useing 😂

    Great video btw

  21. As a mostly self-taught chess player, this whole move chronology made me cringe. White was doing some meandering defences, and black was doing some really vacuous moves. There's more to the game than this.

  22. I understand the want to follow a predictable path but the entire time I just kept thinking about how this really doesn't take into account the idea around having the ball in your court. Advance your A7 pawn after moving to C6

  23. Always advance the rook-pawns if you like rounding off the play-space on the board.

  24. Your greatest advantage in chess is the fact that the left and right edges of the board are missing literally half of their defending/flanking spaces because the board isn't a rectangle…

  25. When someone does this opening do scream "KHAAAAANNN!!!"

  26. my crush likes to play that

  27. yo this shit aint bad, from barely before i was born

  28. 1:49 ‘Caro-kann will turn into a French’

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