Chess Openings – Calabrese Countergambit

The Calabrese Countergambit is a very aggressive line that black can take against the Italian Game from white. Black looks to take advantageous of white having no knights developed and take control of the center of the board. White has to be careful because the Calabrese is full of traps that will leave white scratching his head with no board state.


  1. yes she can and then black is two pawns down (for a WICKED attack)

  2. 5:40 is an idiotic setup, not only can queen take on f5 but the next move is also forced for black since the rook on g6 is unprotected, which if taken is also check.

  3. I think you missed several good moves for white. In the beginning why would white move Qa8 or Qa6 when Qa3 is safer (and from which only one queen move is needed to defend the c2 pawn)? Second at 13:25, white can move bd3 to defend that f5 pawn and seems totally fine from there. Third, at 15:09 how is white in a bad position after black plays Nc6 and white responds Nge2? At that point, white is ready to castle and is matching black in development. Fourth, what happens if white with e5 at 15:25 as black usually does in the King's counter-gambit? Lastly, at 16:55, how is white bad after moving Qh4? It covers the knight move against c2, makes it easy to counter Bb4+ with Bd2, and tucks away the queen so white could proceed with developing and castling.

  4. 12:33 why take the pon?isnt posible…why,i dont understand…this happened when play chess on line…

  5. Can someone answer why queen just does not take bishop easily at 5:40?

  6. But Paul Morphy didn't give up his lightsquared bishop in the calabrese countergambit after exf5.

  7. U only show good plays for black but what for white

  8. When whites queen come to h5 to pin rook you take bishop to protect the rook but what is support to white square bishop of black

  9. maybe white does d3 bishop a3 queen f8? fuck the center flank baby=)

  10. After 1. e4 e5 2. Bc4 f5 3. d4 exd4 players of the Falkbeer will likely play 4. e5 which you didn’t cover. Stockfish recommends d5 hitting the bishop but after the en passant capture white can castle quickly and put a lot of pressure on the e file.

  11. 2 things: 1 why is it called a "Counter-gambit" isn't it just simply a gambit? 2. Isn't the Italian game not technically the Italian game until both the knight AND bishop have been developed?

  12. I think this is bishop opening not Italian Game but good video….

  13. At 5:38 why does white queen not just take light squared Black Bishop?

  14. Very bad and stinky opening. This gambit is disgusting.

  15. Came here after falling for that trap which I I knew might be there but couldn’t see..

  16. This is one of my favorite gambit in black agains e4-Bc4 by white, thank u bro now i can use this variation to improve that. 😁👍

  17. Around 17:50 what if d6 instead moving the knight or anything else by white?

  18. "Kah lah BRAY see" you non Italian. 🤣🤣🤣 (At least you pronounce Fianchetto correctly)

  19. I don't understand why it's called a countergambit. Isn't a countergambit when you respond to a gambit with one of your own. Here White hasn't played a gambit , so how can it be a countergambit?

  20. I like too much this aggressives openings, but we must to know perfectly the variation because is very risky start up the kingside so early

  21. I know this is an old video but it's just amazing! I've recently got into the Latvian Gambit as Black for fun and this opening is a nice alternative when faced with 2. Bc4!

  22. Feel this video was biased against white :/

  23. 5:26, gave up horse, many pawns, and now the bishop… Certainly not black's game

  24. i just won a game with this opening without ever having seen it before because i thought my opponent was going to play the accelerated london (which i play) and i thought, what counter move would ruin my day.

  25. 15:07 from here the white queen can just take the black bishop, there is no actual way to stop her…? Also the rook will be at risk. Doesn't seem like a very good situation for Black.
    Maybe (black) queen to f7 would be better defense for the rook?

  26. Mmmmm.. Calabrese. I eat it daily for lunch. on top o Miracle whip toast. Add cheese, tomatoes, and onions on top.

  27. Calabrese is not pronounces Calabris! Such a butchering. It's Cala- Breh- Zeh.

  28. At 5:15, why wouldn't the white queen just take the unprotected bishop?

  29. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:

    Moonwalking in Calabrese

  30. 18:49why don't just capture the pawn right away and if your opponent take the pawn by his knight you can just d5 to fork bishop and knight?

  31. This is just against the Bishop's Opening

  32. Great dive into this opening which I've just discovered.

  33. How does this compare with the Khan Gambit? Why is it better for black to Gambit the f pawn instead of the d pawn?

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