Chess Openings- Birds Opening

The Bird’s Opening is the 6th most popular opening, although rarely played in comparison. White tries to focus on the center by controlling the dark squares while black tries to focus on the light squares.

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  1. if you just change the music in the beginning it would be splendid 🙂

  2. hey guys, i really need some help with chess, this is my first day playing in my entire life. It would be great if you guys can give me some tips as to where to learn chess and some video links etc, thanks alot

  3. Some good channels I think are "MatoJelic" and "ChessNetwork". I'm not that great a player, but listening and understanding the reasoning behind other chess players moves helped me improve my game. 🙂

  4. Am a beginner and just tried this opening for the first time today for a few games. Loving it. Usually I only play London System but have gotten bored of it. Opening theory is a big weakness for me but once I get to the middle game I seem to be doing quite good. Think all the tactic puzzles I am doing has been helpful. Anyways this opening brought some really fun games. Also the black player might not be able to play through memorized opening lines and get advantage. So nice for someone like me.

  5. I hate seeing this opening if I'm black, which probably means I should start using it myself.

  6. this is pretty much just playing the Dutch Defense as white instead of black

  7. It's like a reverse English opening…but a lot more horrible. You'll never see this outside of beginner level chess and even then you won't see it often.

  8. People are probably just so surprised that they see it at that level lol =D

  9. this is funny, my bff Sophia and I were in the skittles room and we played some random guys. Sophia played the birds opening against her opponent and lost (Most likely cause he were higher rated). he asked her "Do you even know how to play chess?" later we asked him how all his tournement games went and he said "
    I lost one game, to the birds opening." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. the bird opening is nothing like the english since you think it's like the english probely you are a noob a loot of gm play it

  11. The Bird's opening is also known as the Dutch attack

  12. Is it a good idea to castle queen-side and then start a pawn storm on the king side with this opening as white?

  13. Unusual opening, but glad to see a little theory on it. I don't play this opening, but when I face it I will play the Fromm Gambit.. 1…. e5; 2. fxe5, d6. 3. exd6 and after ….Bxd6, I usually have a good game with good results.

  14. at 5:40 wouldnt it be more common for bishop to d3 in order to control e4 of the center?

  15. This is a really great opening, especially against players who haven't seen it very often. I'm not the best chess player, but I played 11 games today and drew white 8 times. I did the Birds opening all 8 times and won 7 drew 1,  all the games were very convincing. In every one, I fianchettod my Q side Bishop in every game and successfully atttacked my opponents K side keying on G7 and E7. It's important to avoid fianchettoing your K side Bishop, it takes away that powerful King side attack.

  16. Definitely my favorite opening, very underated, and allows for plenty of different options

  17. Instead of an early Be2, i play b3,Bb2, then usually the knight is in c6 and can be pinned with bb5.  That knight gets chopped eventually, which helps white control d4 and e5, and helps stop black's d4 and other moves 

  18. isnt this like a reverse sicilian , i love it 

  19. Could you tell me the software you use for recording the screen and also the chess board you use?

  20. looks like the English only played on the king side

  21. After watching the video, I played this opening against a player who beats me 99 time out of a 100. I won!

  22. could you make a video on froms gambit cause theres not much out there on it

  23. good video, but 'fromes gambit' should always be brought up when discussing the birds opening right ?

  24. Interesting opening! But in my opinion you stop the video too early, because The knight on b1 has not been developed yet, where should it go? If you play d3 then e3 is going to be weak.

  25. Your intro is from the beginning of a "Casting Crowns" song…

  26. interesting fact, on lichess, the engine says that the bird opening is better for black at a depth of 23, but slightly better for white at a depth of 27. o.O

  27. What if I play G4 and get checkmated

  28. I play this opening often and it pisses me off that so many assume the the goal is Castling King's Side. No fucking way. All of the other pieces are protected enough that the goal should always be to castle Queen Side, which opens up tons of possibilities.

  29. i played it once and it was only blocking my own forces the entire game never again gg

  30. I like Bird's opening and anternate between this and english opening when playing as white. If well played it can surprise yout oponnent. IT's two sides of the coin. If played bad… well… white is lost in a few movements. Bird has strong points, I believe, however, it requires a good study before being used.

  31. Usually I do Birds opening this way (from White): Pf4, Nf3, Pd3, Pe4. All depends on the moves my opponent makes. Any of you play it this way? What has been your experience doing it this way? What if any are flaws of this opening?

  32. Used to start with e4, then a while with d4, but today, by far the Bird is my favorite.

  33. Great opening…this bring me 2000 elo in lichess. another variation is to play d4 ang Nf3 to e5..supported by 2 pawns. an Nd2 to Nf3 and refill the Ne5 when captured

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