Chess Openings- Benoni Defense

The Benoni Defense is a very aggressive opening that white can play against white’s initial 1. d4. Against the very common opening from white of d4 a player must have multiple things that he can throw at white to give him a good chance to win. In this video we take a look at the Modern Benoni which is one of the more sound variations of the Benoni Defense and some of the key concepts you should look at while you are playing both as white and as black.

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  1. i played this against my opponent and he abandoned the game after 9 moves

  2. I play this all the time now and the shock factor forces a win.

  3. Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for the feedback.

  4. What is the name of that song at the beginnin of the video?

  5. HEEY!
    I prefer wide open games, so I like this for black!
    Its a nice defence, I'm gonna try it out.
    Keep making the awesome videos, I love how they're so recent and new, you rock πŸ˜€

  6. Thanks for checking it out and glad you enjoyed.

  7. thanks for the feedback. glad you enjoyed.

  8. after dxc5, black plays Qa5+, and then captures c5

  9. does anyone know the winpercentage for this opening?

  10. You've taught me the Caro-kann defence, and now you're teaching me the benoni defence…shit, I owe you man.

  11. But after you move your black bishop to g7 white can come to e5!What should I do next?

  12. what is the name of the song used at the intro?

  13. @C0BHC11 "There will be a day" by Jermey Camp.

  14. Great video! What about the old Benoni Defense?

  15. Are you talking about the queen's indian defense?

  16. Sometimes I play the benoni, but only through transposition from the nimzo-indian if my opponent plays 3. a3. I think it's better for black that way because white loses a tempo and I think the pawn would rather be on a4 to stop black eventual queenside expansion. Then again, I'm sure the line is okay.

  17. It is pretty useful to me, i have books but with video tutorial it is much more easier. thanks.

  18. umm… isnt white winning? the benoni defense sucks…

  19. @PaladinswordSaurfang My thoughts exactly.
    White is definitely in a better position.
    Also, even if white captures and black recaptures at 4:00, he has weakened his kingside.

  20. I've read an old book about benoni when I was young and used it ever since… somethings I can't get somehow got cleared up in this video, like the c5 after d4… by the way, can you please tell me what's the best thing/opponent to do when your white opponent opens e4 as first move? I mean the knight on my f6 always get in an awkward situation when he goes to e5 later

  21. The problem with these traps is…. you don't know what move your opponent is going to make! They can make moves that'll prevent you from setting the trap so what's the point of thisZ!

  22. @Yonnu1992 if white does e5, black does…PXP, white does PXP, then black does Ng4 and now white has lost a material and the center

  23. d6 pawn weekness AND a white passed pawn… I don't really like this defense =/
    I'll go with the grunfeld πŸ˜€

  24. A friend used the old benoni defense against me when I used Queen's gambit. When he did that I played my e2 pawn to e3 in reponse. I was wondering if this was a sound move?

  25. whats the song we hear in the intro?
    Thanks for your videos, all very helpful

  26. @seb4aces Jeremy Camp – There Will Be A Day

  27. this is good ! this is very good. i played the modern benoni by accident tonight against a player rated 2040 and won without knowing what this opening was or what the hell i was doing,and won . i'm only 1650 at the moment . thx to you i'm going to really study this opening . this suits my style and i've subscribed .

  28. at 5:00, why not just move Qa5? If b4, then take with your pawn on c5, threatening the knight, and weakening white's position.

  29. 8:33 a Question: What will i play when white plays Pon e4 -> e5 ?

  30. Thanks for posting – i usually play the benoni – and thought that i may be playing Kan sicilian – but i see the similarities that probably got me confused… Would you be able to post something on when not to play the benoni, i tend to play it nearly everytime and sometimes i get caught πŸ˜› Thanks again !!

  31. fkin neeeeeeeeeeeeerds. who plays chess l0l

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