Chess Openings- Benoni Defense

The Benoni Defense is a very aggressive opening that white can play against white’s initial 1. d4. Against the very common opening from white of d4 a player must have multiple things that he can throw at white to give him a good chance to win. In this video we take a look at the Modern Benoni which is one of the more sound variations of the Benoni Defense and some of the key concepts you should look at while you are playing both as white and as black.

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  1. @MrAlcoholic11 A lot of people actually..

  2. i just used this twice. and checkmated this first game in 12 moves and the second took his queen in 5 moves so he resigned LOL

  3. @HegazyInTheHouse If Black plays 4…Qa5, White responds with 5.Bd2, leaving the black queen susceptible to a discovered attack if White moves the knight.

  4. @Suplexmaschine 8.e5!? is the Mikenas variation. After 8 … Nfd7 9.Ne4 dxe5 10.Nd6+ Ke7 11.Nxc8 Qxc8 and play will often revolve around White's isolated queen's pawn.

  5. Hey, Kevin. I am a big fan of your videos and had a quick question for you. I was simply wondering why white moves pawn to f4. I feel like a good player might play bishop to c4 instead. Not only does it develope whites bishop, but it also adds another defender to that powerful pawn on d5. While pawn to f4 does add some more centric control of the board, white now is lacking of a well defended side to castle on. Just think it would be a much more interesting game if the bishop was played.

  6. what if my friends are stupid and do all dumb moves?

  7. all u are weak player !!! i have a rating of 2598 challenge me if u dare !!!

  8. so what? challenge declined. i dont dare, so what? if 1 of us beat u then u lost to a ''weak'' player.

  9. good vid. I personaly like to use the budapest gambit against the queens gambit but this is also a good option. To finish I want to thank you for all your vids, I really learn a lot thanks to them.

  10. I believe the next move for white is pushing the pawn to e5, how the black could defend that?

  11. e5 (Mikenas variation) has its dangers but with accurate play black is OK. Bb5+ (Taimanov) is the harder to face, with white developing a few more pieces before playing the still almost unstopable e5. Not sure what the curent view is but in the 90s it was close to being the refutation of entering the Modern Benoni via 2 … c5. The clasical lines are fun to play so imo delay c5 and hope for 2 … e6 3 Nf3 c5 4 d5, playing the Nimzo v 3 Nc3 or something hedgehogy if 3 Nf3 but no d5 advance.

  12. See see, a true Master who boasts challenges on a video made for beginners. 😛

  13. see my channel then you will see me going against GM's !

  14. stop saying pawn is so fucking annoying dude..seriously, just say the square the pawn goes to

  15. Benoni i thought starts with d4 then c5. Does the order of the moves matter?

  16. "The Benoni Defense is a very aggressive opening that white can play against white's initial 1. d4."

    That black can play,

  17. what if white plqys d5 after all the pieces are set as on the video?

  18. "a defense that white can play against white's initial d4" LOL rewrite the description 

  19. 1:30 can't white simple a5+ and take the pawn? or is it bad because of your development?i dont think it's a bad square for the queen

  20. tell me pls why white cant at 8:12 after bishop g7 move the e pawn to e5? wouldnt that be a strong position for white?

  21. IMO contrary to popular belief, the flick-knife attack is a second-rate option against the Modern Benoni (Really the best move is Nf3). White probably still maintains a slight advantage, but it's a weakening and a risky reply for white. The e4 pawn is easier to attack since white has no f3, and it wastes a bit of time not developing. I always considered it equalizing and comfortable (Not necessarily) for black!

  22. Thank you Sir, just opted to play a version of this out of a Pirc/KID to take White out of his comfort zone. Learn much from your videos – be blessed.

  23. I love lessons, when "teacher" shows the other possibility, not just the main line. Sometimes my opponent beat me because he did no play main line and I'm not sure what to do about it. 😀 Thank you 🙂

  24. if anyone is interested in learning some aggressive, and somewhat strange sidelines to learn as white against the modern Benoni, come check out a video on my channel where I go in depth into some of the lines.

  25. Kevin this is simply not a very informative video. You said an aggressive opening against d4 but you yet have to show how. But you are giving your services so I must still give you your dues.

  26. Kevin I really like your videos. Just wondering, what's your rating?

  27. white has many advantages against this precarious looking opening . i wouldnt even use the benoni against stevie wonder

  28. Hey dude i think 15 seconds for an intro is too much. If you shorten that a little bit, it would be perfect.

  29. Looking for something against D4 is this a defense for Black??? I'm confused.

  30. So if they don't play pawn to c4 its not benoni defense right? What do then?

  31. Benko Gambit video brought me here.
    Please include this video in Chess Openings playlist.

  32. First time I've heard fianchetto pronounced like that. In Italian the ch is pronounced like a k in English…sorry to be picky, but us chess players are a meticulous bunch 🙂

  33. you're at 68 dislikes, I liked the video
    not sure what to do tho

  34. These where fairly new videos when I first took up chess

  35. From a very novice position I asked myself during the video "why is the white bishop a good trade being that inevitably in the end game color of bishop has no relevance to kings? Is it early protection of the A to H line white is established? And Thank you , the video was amazingly instructive and I've subscribed…😊🎶🎵🎶

  36. just lost otb to this as white but this was helpful

  37. Not a good defense, scillian is best defense

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