Chess Openings Almost Nobody Has Ever Seen

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  1. i must try cabbage. also, we can make another words and some of them might be not bad

  2. I’ve played the crab opening ….. then lost………..😅

  3. Magnus played before the bongcloud opening

  4. The coca cola gambit name came from capitalism

  5. First move any move no problem but should be the building move for the game.😅

  6. I saw every openings that are in this short except the Cabbage Attack.🥬⚔️🗡😎

  7. Literally played against a crab opening today lol.

  8. Someone played this against me in a tournament

  9. Almost lost me with bongcloud, but worth waiting for the last. Rare 👌

  10. The coca-cola gambit is actually really fascinating!

  11. “cabbage attack” sounds so disrespectful it’s hilarious 💀

  12. Bungcloud is the best. Strongest opening which I play for every game💪

  13. They can't be THAT rare, I have literally tried all of them at some point I think. Eric Rosen is a good source of inspiration.

  14. Those openings are great just because it's fun to play and sometimes win.😎

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