Chess Openings : A gambit system vs Philidor defence – Lion variation (

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  1. What game were you talking about here?  What do you think about this opening now?

  2. Ah, this is much more your style than the previous video! Aggressive and tricky. He might not be expecting g4. Unless he watches this video, of course.

  3. 5.g4 has been played a lot. I like the look of 5…d5.

  4. @zgorl Is that a counter-gambit? 6.exd5 is supposed to be best here.

  5. @Shoarmaboer20 How does black lose immediately i've ran this through an engine and there is no win , white maintains an edge (0 .57 depth 17 after the following sequence) as black has to give the drk sq. bishop back to survive . According to rybka after Bxf7+ . Kxf7 , Qc4+ , Ke7 , Nh4 , Rg8 , Ng6 , Kd8 , 0-0-0 , Bd6 , Qe6 , Re8 , Qxd6 , Qxd6 , Rxd6 , Kc7 . I hope you can correct me .

  6. Ironic how it started out looking like a Pirc

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