Chess Opening TRICKS to WIN More Games: Tennison Gambit: Secret Traps, Moves, Strategy & Ideas

Openings are the most exciting phase in the game of chess. There are various chess tricks, traps, strategies, tactics, ideas, gambits & opening moves that you can use to fool your opponent & win more chess games. In this video, I share with you 4 secret opening tricks that white can use to trap the black queen. These opening tricks involve the use of knight, bishop, pawn & white queen. This trick is popularly known as the Tennison Gambit. A gambit is basically a chess opening strategy in which a player sacrifices his material of lesser value, like a pawn, with the hope of achieving an advantageous position. It’s like a chess trick to fool your opponent. The Tennison Gambit is a popular response to the Scandinavian Defense. These opening moves will definitely surprise your opponent. You just need to follow these starting moves & you can easily trap and capture the black queen or gain a strong material advantage. This chess opening trick will help you to win fast.

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  1. Jeetendra Advani sir, what happens when he plays Nc6 instead of h6 as a normal development move? The knight supports the queen so what should we do in that position?

  2. I am playing with my brother who a taking the chess 10 chess gold trophy.So please make a video how checkmate him.

  3. I like the first version very much when we got the queen…..thanks for introducing this trick

  4. My opponent played Nf6 which wasn't covered in this one -__-

  5. In (3.58) The bishop can take out the queen . Then why it dont

  6. Everyone says it's gone but nobody asks HOW is gone?

  7. Tennison can lead to Englund, doesn’t it?

  8. pls some people dont fall for these traps

  9. What do we play if in 2:14, black is not interested in capturing our D3 pawn? If we take their awkwardly placed pawn then we can lose our right to castle after trade of queens

  10. at 3 min 40 seconds i will move c7 pawn 1 step front what u will do

  11. I'm here because I'm gonna have a rematch with my father lol wish me luck.


  13. eww so groos talk like ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  14. My dad used to force me to play chess when I was younger so I hated it and never really tried. Well, now I am willingly playing it ten years later haha

  15. So how you do good opening I usually use the regular opening.

  16. ❤️Jesus lived the life we couldn't live and died the death we deserve. Repent of your sins and trust in Him💜

  17. sir i hv been pracicing fr 1 month after this vid i m ready fr my tournament thxx…but worried if i ll win

  18. 5:18 i can’t help but notice (it’s a nit pick) but if my queen (or any unit) trapped like this I would take one of my opponents pieces, not just move to a (not safe square) his queen could have taken rook, bishop or the knight.. why move to a simple square and just die

    If you’re trapped attack

  19. I hope my opponent is not watching this😑

  20. I play like a pro starting I cut Quinn

  21. At 3:39 how is he forced to put his bishop to d7 he can also keep his king on d8 – please reply 🙂

  22. First I need to know all the name of the chess coin?

  23. I played it with lvl12 chess computer
    But at 2:10
    Instead of using pawn to capture pawn he uses bishop to target queen and after 11 steps or so, my queen was lost even with taking help from lvl8 chess computer
    And using undo many times.

  24. Anyone here because they lose at the time like me 😭

  25. Your tutorial is a big help for me.but i will stressed for your video..dont put language in front of screen..its not good practice for the viewers

  26. i did these tricks bat only the 1 one i was ga na win but he made me a roolyol fork on my KING AND QENE and agaen i was gana win but my polne deid😣😣😣😎😎

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