Chess Opening Tricks to WIN Fast: Englund Gambit Traps, Moves & Ideas | Best Checkmate Strategy

Here are some Deadly Chess Opening Tricks & Traps to Win Fast in the Englund Gambit. As you know, openings are the most exciting phase in the game of chess. There are various chess opening tricks, strategies, moves and ideas that you can use to win more games. In this video, I will show you all the Traps for Black in the Englund Gambit Chess Opening Variation. I will also show you the best moves & ideas in which white can counter this attack & gain a significant advantage. These are some amazing variations to fool your opponent & checkmate him in the first few moves. These secret tricks will help you in winning chess games against your friends & other players who have not seen such traps before. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

0:00 Englund Gambit Introduction
0:20 Opening Tricks & Traps for Black
3:05 Tricks & Traps for White
5:18 Chess Puzzle

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  1. Knight to D1 to protect the rook from king

  2. First step: bring the rook to C4 making a check
    Rook takes our Rook
    Second step:move the pawn to B8

  3. ghoda bhi defence kr skta hai usme dhyn se dekho zara 😂😂

  4. rook to c4 replace knight to c4 pawn promoted

  5. Rc4 is the correct answer. Then if bishop takes then fork and pawn promote to queen or if rook takes then direct pawn promotes to queen

  6. White is always in advantage to overcome any trap against black.

  7. Rc4-B×c4
    Nc2+ -Kc5
    b8=Queen +

  8. How many of you plays the same and after 5 moves playes your own gane😂

  9. Rook to C4 and then black will be threatened to kill the Rook (if he is foolish enough). You can kill him by knight to D4. If black kills your Rook with bishop to C4. Then mov your B7 pawn to B8. Then promote the pawn to any piece like Queen, Bishop and Rook. Then you can easily win from there. So here you can do your own moves to win.

  10. I have a doubt, is queen can move backwards?

  11. W 1. Rc4 B 1. b * R W .2 Nc2 winning move for white as the queen promotion

  12. R×d3+
    Nc2+ and rook us gone then we can promote to queen

  13. Sacrifice your rook then play the pawn and make it a queen then you checkmate easily

  14. But sir if the player choose its pawn to c3 when you place your queen to b4 at the moment what will you do …..?????

  15. Horse b-2 making a fork for king and rook. This makes the white pawn unstoppable

  16. I don't understand why the Bishop is moved to b4. What if the white queen captures the black one?

  17. In this puzzle we need to place our rook to c2 the opponent will capture the rook with bishop and we can capture the bishop with the knight to give him check then we can simply capture the rook to promote the pawn

  18. Only one Indian guy who does the furious toxic stuff

  19. First we have to move our f2 pawn to f4.Then if he takes the b7 pawn with the rook stopping him from becoming queen,then he is gone.We will simply move our rook to c4,and that is a checkmate

  20. I love how he goes all in on the owners and chefs but always stays respectful towards the waiters

  21. Englund opening ( people who know hindi🌚)

  22. Best move for white is knight to D1 as he can protect our rook

  23. Saving rook to c8
    Promote pond as queen 👑 then checkmate him🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  24. Video ke samne tumhara title hi aa jata hai, Kya dikhenga 😡

  25. Rook c4 check and if bishop takes knight c2 is check and the rook is gone then we can win easily by a queen

  26. First movie rook to c2, then when he takes the rook with bishop
    Take the bishop with knight, and also forking the rook, then when king moves take the rook

  27. This Englund Gambit looks good.Thanks for letting me know how to use this strong gambit.👍

  28. For the puzzle –
    Rook c4
    Black rook captures at c4
    Pawn b 8

  29. I play Arcade Defender where's the smart bomb and hyper space 😂😀

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