Chess Opening Trick in the Dutch Defense

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The Dutch Defence is a chess opening characterised by the moves 1.d4 f5. It is an aggressive and unbalancing opening, resulting in the lowest percentage of draws among the most common replies to 1.d4.

Black’s 1…f5 stakes a claim to the e4-square and envisions an attack in the middlegame on White’s kingside. However, it also weakens the Black’s kingside, especially the e8โ€“h5 diagonal.

And that is exactly how the RCA guest coach GM Sipke Ernst fell into a trap in one of his games. His opponent started with a quick flank attack on the kingside by pushing his h-pawn with h4, h5, breaking the fianchetto structure of Black after Ernst played g6.

Watch this video lesson where Ernst explains how White launched a swift attack and the mistakes made by himself (Black).

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  1. Practical example, great analysis and comments.

  2. Where's Igor? He explains all the correct moves.

  3. I am working on building my whole D4 repetoir as black around the Dutch as a whole system. Classical, Leningrad, gambit lines and stonewall pawn structure. So much risk with the Leningrad. Glad to see this as a warning for important themes of attacks down the h file.

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