Chess Opening Traps #16 – Damiano Defence Traps

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  1. Wish someone would play this against me, but I am more of a d4 expert despite knowing quite a bit about e4 and its variations.

  2. Interesting that the computer recommends Nc4 up to depth 22, then switches to knight takes. Then the recommended move for Black, even if it's just 0.1 points away from Qe7, is Ne7. Here is a computer generated weird game up to move 18. Everything looks wrong, but the estimation remains 1 pawn for White:

  3. It may be a horrible opening but it sure looks like fun!

  4. I played this exact game on yesterday, except that I missed the hxg4#. I captured the pawn with the bishop instead and it went Bxg5 Qxg5 hxg5+ Kxg5 Qf5#

  5. Brilliant!!! I just checkmated a guy with this trap!

  6. Can you sack the Bishop before h4? Since that's what I did in my game

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