Chess Opening Tips For Beginners

Join NM @JamesCantyIII as he brings you four chess opening tips for beginners!
If you’re just starting out play chess, or looking for a refresher on chess opening principles, you’ve come to the right place.

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Video Contents:
0:00 Intro
0:19 Tip 1: Control the Center
2:51 Tip 2: Develop Your Pieces
5:28 Tip 3: King Safety
7:56 Tip 4: Stop Your Opponent From Doing Tips 1-3
11:35 Final Thoughts

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  1. Really enjoy Canty's content, he is both very clear and has a special charisma

  2. One of the best Chess player and Chess Coach you are in this world.

  3. Developing pieces is important. Especially the king. Learned from Hikaru.

  4. This is an excellent guide for all ratings, sometimes i try to get too fancy and tricky and it sometimes kicks me in the you know what, keep it simple

  5. JC3 meets tinder date "Hey its national master James Canty III here"

  6. Great to get back to basics I need a new white opening soon

  7. Literally just here because of the thumbnail

  8. Great video!!!!! More from him please!!!!

  9. Perfect explanation of opening principles, thanks James!

  10. Heard the first tip and was like: okay i might be a beginner but not that much of a beginner lol. Im out

  11. Would love to see a video on when to trade/sacrifice, I never know if I'm doing the right thing and have no confidence

  12. This is great! Thanks for this! Very helpful!!!

  13. I think all of these ideas truly come up even as an intermediate player, just with a few tactics mixed in. Always review the basics!

  14. Checkmate is the most powerful move in chess I think

  15. Thanks for sharing, I hope u make it more videos like this

  16. James, thank you for this video. It will help me with my opening strategy. Love your videos, keep up the great work.

  17. Nothing like a regular dude + chess master explaining chess. He's very relatable.

  18. Chess opening for cheater: caro kann, then make a blunder in mid game, just surrender and won $7,000.

  19. every opening is good until we see the world champion playing bongcloud against his biggest rival

  20. should i put my pieces and pawns on the edge of the board?

  21. Control the Center:
    Eric Rosen: nah do da CrAB

  22. Богдан Куцкий или же БОГДАН ТВ 31 says:


  23. I don't think that opponent is such a shit💩💩

  24. 0:24 just to mention.. i play the modern defense as black and i cannot control the center

  25. Excellent video, James. I learned a lot from it.

  26. Anyone know where to get the intro music?

  27. We have developed out dream position. After the knight moved back and forth 11 times and let us…

  28. i am getting in to chess this helped me out, ty

  29. Any newbs have to watch this at half speed? Asking for a friend. 🙂

  30. Here after Andrew Tate! ^^ I genuinely wish if i took chess more serious as a kid

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