Chess Opening: Reti Gambit

The Reti Gambit is an aggressive approach to attack someone playing the French Defense. It starts out with 1. e4 e6 2. b3 and allows white to maintain control of the action throughout the game. If you hate playing against the French Defense this is the opening for you.

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  1. what program or application is he using?

  2. which app/software do you use for your videos?

  3. Could you do a video on the Bird opening?

  4. Hey,can you try another mouse cursor for the videos,maybe a bigger one or colored so we can see your movement better

  5. what if my opponent moves the rook pawns forward twice and moves rook in front of the other pawns?

  6. I'd like to know how you'd respond to that move you say isn't common. In the beginning, black moving Queen to D4 to protect the pawn on E4. You said it's not common and I can see why it wouldn't be, but I don't see an explanation for how you'd respond to it in case it does happen. I don't see a great response to this that wouldn't just allow Black to be aggressive in this sense.

  7. Thank you SO much for all the hard work! I greatly appreciate your site!

  8. If you guys value your time, turn the video to 1.25 speed

  9. If anyone is interested in playing this variation I would recommend checking out what to do if they play c5 instead of d5 transposing to a sicilian game 😀

  10. I know its 10 month late but make part two , if they don't take the material

  11. why in the f7-f5 line do you analyse Ktb8-c6 instead of the more reasonable g8-f6?

  12. Its called papa ticulate gambit…..reti gambit is another gambit

  13. I like it, as much as I find boring to play against the French, this seems a very good way out.

  14. Can you do a video we're they don't take the pawn

  15. Make a video on lines where black do not play …dxe4

  16. that is not Reti gambit, misleading video

  17. Yu deff have to do a variation where they decline to take on e4

  18. At 3:15 bringing queen to D4. Something bad is going to happen? Computer crashes and house burns down.

  19. Around 10:34 if knight don't take on e4 and rather do a develloping move or anything it can be pretty good for white (I guess?) if Nxf6+ then if he retakes with the pawn then the pawn is pinned by the bishop and the king side is wide open allowing the white queen to make an incursion with Qg4+ if he takes with the queen then Bxf6 and if he don't takes then knight can perhaps go on h5 to prep some attack on the kingside by reinforcing the attack on the g7 square.

  20. I have made a quick checkmate in 7: 1. e4 d5 2. Nf3 dxe4 3. Ng5 f6 4. d3 fxg5 5. Bxg5 exd3 6. Bxd3 h6 7. Bg6#

  21. i like this setup … looks interesting

  22. Share ur game kevin! I want to see the Aggesivness 🤭

  23. Is the commentary from Jerry chessnetwork?

  24. Niceeeeeee no offense i wouldn't use the french defense anyways, quite a # of key flaws

  25. An important line for Black to know and Whit can consider.
    Content only covers very elementary concepts based on White's perspective which is understandable since this is the author's self-admitted weapon against the French.

    Some thoughts for Glack…
    Note the resemblance to the Rubenstein variation.
    Note the extra time to White to create the Q-side fianchetto, although the B is on a very strong open diagonal with little prospectis of blocking.
    Note by fianchettoing, the absense of the QB from the usual squares like e3 and g6, so strategies and threats associated with those piece placements are not a concern.

    This line's big benefit is an open position that many French players may not be prepared for, and avoiding long strategical maneuvering in a closed position, but like any open position without a clear approach to obtain an advantage, I doubt this could gain an advantage against strong players. After all, White has spent the extra time to create the fianchetto. I would guess that if Black wants to playfor a win with conviction, holding the pawn with f5 would likely be the best choice, and possibly convert the advanced pawns into an attack. If Black is not so committed to playing for a win,, then any of the ideas not keeping teh pawn should be OK. But, perhaps the best plan for Black from a practical point of view is to never take the 34 pawn in the first place and simply build a solid position. White would be left to do whatever he wants which is often the case but would not be in a position to prevent Black from simply developing and gaining likely equality with no piece exchanges, a possibly dangerous result if Black is strong.

  26. 650 is where I belong. 650 is probably where I will stay.

  27. Hey man love your videos and I was wondering if you could make a video on the french defense chigorin variation. It's 1.e4 e6

  28. 8.54 after Nd5 just play c4! Loses piece for black right? Instead of Qxe4 as suggested in the vid

  29. I thought the Réti Gambit was 3. C4 against 2. D5 in the Réti opening (1. NF3)? 🤔

  30. This is not the Reti Gambit!! This is Horwitz, Papa-Ticulat gambit
    Reti opening is 1.Nf3.
    The Reti Gambit is 1.Nf3 d5 2. c4!!
    Please correct.

    Nice video anyway.

  31. I've just watched the same opening with French streamer Marc Quenehen! And yes i would to see a declined gambit from the blacks!!! Good job by the way… 😉 Thx so much

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