Chess opening London System part 2 = Kasparov, dark square Bishop, attacking Queenside, etc.

The London System begins with 1.d4, with an early Bf4, pawns on d4/e3, often with c3/c4, Bd3, Nbd2 and Ngf3. In this game, we see Kasparov at his positional best, which illustrates the role and influence of the London Bishop on the h2-b8 diagonal. We also see the Bd2/c3 line, with its thematic Queenside pawn expansion, whilst black struggles to find effective counter play.


  1. I don't remember hearing who was Gary Kasparov's Opponent?

  2. @LNMedia Gary Kasparov's opponent was Augusto Horiguti, from the Sau Paolo simul exhibition (2004).

  3. @TizomChess thanks for the feedback, and providing additional insight. If you've London Systems games you've played, or ones you'd like covered, then feel free to send them to me.

  4. @TizomChess thanks for the feedback, and providing additional insight. If you've London Systems games you've played, or ones you'd like covered, then feel free to send them to me.

  5. This video was done the day I turned 18! To celebrate I hereby enclose my loss to it as a video response!

  6. @EpicChess Nice video response, Tim. c5 + Qb6 can be more effective, before Nbd2. c5-c4 + b5-b4 + Qa5 to target c3, is another idea. Bd6 can work, too, if white miscalculates if and when to trade, or avoid trade, etc. If black castles early, white should consider Ke2 or 0-0-0. This is where the London becomes most dangerous. I was thinking h4 (3:25), intending Ke2, rooks on h/g file, etc – and zero counterplay for black.

  7. @chesscreator I play a hedgehog/queens indian set up against it now, I am thinking of maybe doing a video on it because i defeated the colle with it the other night, might be a mini series coming up!

  8. Very nice video,keep up the good work! But i have one question: What if black tries to attack the London Bishop before white plays h3, (via for example …Nh5 )? This bishop is really useful to white's plans, so why shouldn't black try to eliminate it?

  9. @exilasmos
    Yes, black can target white’s dark-square bishop with Nh5. If Nh5 after h3, then Bh2. If Nh5 before h3, then Bg3/Ng3, hxg3 to open h-file intending 0-0-0 is one idea for white. The Nh5 threat can be reduced, through move orders. If 1.d4, 2.Bf4, 3.e3 then white’s queen prevents Nh5, allowing h3 before Nf3 (and then, Nh5/Bh2). The London Bishop is useful but it's not the end of the world, if black tries Nh5 (or Bd6). Hope this helps!

  10. I used Arena Chess GUI in this video running Houdini 1.5. In other videos I've used SCID, ChessBase and/or my own custom-built ChessCreator software.

  11. I went out and downloaded both programs….I love them! thankyou!

  12. why putting light square bishop on e2 not to d3??????

  13. Black's h7-g6-g7 pawn cluster is quite solid, so on d3 the bishop would "bite on granite". On e2 it can support g4 and/or h4-h5, prevents a pin by a black …Bg4, and can sometimes find a nice home on the long diagonal after Bf3 (usually preceded by f4). Also, the Bg7 will often threaten a white pawn on d4, and on d3 the bishop would interfere with defense by a queen or rook.

  14. Kasparov is just amazing and although Kasparov made sure all his opponents in his simuls were rated less than master level, it is still a brilliant game

  15. Hi
    Thanks for the videos any chance of showing weak club players games for tactics that will not apply to GM opponents

  16. The rest of the London System series features themes + tactics from non-GM games. You might also be interested in the videos on opening Traps.

  17. I'm glad you found the video useful, and hope you enjoy the rest of the series. I'm not a Mac user myself, so can't help with that question.

  18. Great explanation of why e2 is better against the KID. Thanks for contributing.

  19. Yes, there are other series. See the playlists or browse videos.

  20. Thanks. I'm really started to like this system.

  21. I like using D4 openings as white. It usually prevents the C5 openings of black.

  22. a 1500 could have beaten this idiot(kasparovs opponent)

  23. What would you do if your opponent played Nh5 immediately after you play e3?

  24. Thanks for a good introduction to the London System. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest.

  25. I have enjoyed several of your videos. Lesson 2 though I can't watch. It always hangs up, stops playing even at lowest video setting. I gave up on it.

  26. Really useful video, out of interest, who was Kasparov playing?

  27. At 7:40 you say " Black retreats the bishop to d8"! Lol it was the Queen but nice video

  28. Why not knight to d6 at 9:45?? Attacking the white pawn and preventing promotion as well as putting the white knight in danger

  29. Great video!One comment: At 9.25", the knight is about to fork the king and queen and not to A7….

  30. who was playing as black ???
    it was a tornament ???

  31. tq so much for doing this chess videos once again iam thanking you

  32. Excellent videos bro. I like the way you chopped the videos in parts. Some chess videos last from 40mins to an hour which gets boring. 10-12 mins is perfect

  33. Nice Video. I have been using the London against stronger players than myself. Get get annoyed with it. Great to see Kasparov using it to great affect.

  34. It's a very rarely played opening. Any other examples?

  35. I may be late but thx for this useful video ! Thx bro 👍

  36. Kasparov's opponent could have taken out the London bishop fairly early in the opening. Why didn't he? Seems like a fatal error given how the game played out.

  37. Thank you so much for these excellent lessons. I had just started playing the London System when you p;ousted them. I have gone back through them several times over the years. They have stood the test of time. Thank again for posting them. Very helpful!

  38. You sound like Old Greg a little bit.

  39. Spoken clearly and very understandable

  40. Great videos. Love your style. Perfect and easy say to see why the system works. Thanks!

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