Chess opening lesson on Dutch Stonewall defence against 1.d4 inc. themes + tactics

This video explores thematic moves in the modern Dutch Stonewall defence. The Stonewall formation is reached with pawns on c6/d5/e6/f5, with Bd6, and Knights on f6 + d7. Black re-positions the f6 Knight to e4 and, after castling 0-0, lifts the Rook with Rf6 to h3, intending Bxh2 and Qh5!! To avoid anti-Dutch lines and gambits, and to let White show their opening plans, f5 is not played until move 5.


  1. u keep saying white didnt do anything wring. well while watching i was going crazy after your rook lift, thinking about how to solve the kingside problem, and i started to think about g2-g3 and knight manouvers and this and that.
    i think white made many mistakes by ignoring the piece-pressure on the kingside. because on the queenside they are miles away from getting in and deflecting the black pieces from the kingside. positional and tactical wrong play by white.

  2. @KingsExecutor To illustrate some Dutch Stonewall themes, I selected a real game that featured them (e.g. Rf8-f6-h3, Bxh2, etc.). The phrase, ‘White has not done anything wrong’, meant no outright blunders (e.g. hanging pieces). White played passively, overlooked threats, made pointless moves, and did nothing to pressurize, etc. I agree with your comments on the game. If White allows things to get to the Rf8-f6-h3 stage, then I’d *always* prefer to play Black 🙂

  3. I liked the video a lot. Even though I'm a weak player myself, I was surprised by White's passivity. Nonetheless, this uninventive play by White allowed you to show us (or me at least) some basic ideas behind the stone-wall, which is not an opening played much at the top level, so it's difficult to see it analysed in videos on GM games. (… and kingscrusher doesn't really play it either :)).

  4. I'm glad it was useful. KingsCrusher does use the Dutch Stonewall sometimes, as do a few GMs (e.g. GM Short, GM Yusopov). IMHO it's good for blitz because it's more about central themes, patterns, etc.

  5. I loved this miniature. I've never played the Dutch before but I may start now!!!

  6. @myrdet22 The modern Dutch Stonewall can be a lot of fun!

  7. @A1RSOFTX Hello. f3 does not prevent checkmate.If f3, then the black Knight on e4 is attacking f2, so Kf2 would be prevented (and the King cannot escape). Please subscribe 🙂

  8. @PersianXanadu If Bh5, then either Rxh5 or Qxh5 threatens checkmate. If g3, then it’s Qxh2#. If f3, then it’s Qxh2# – the black Knight on e4 is attacking f2 so – after f3 – Kf2 is prevented. If Nf3, then it’s #Qh1.

  9. @PersianXanadu Thanks for the comments. Please see response (beneath) + subscribe 🙂

  10. I agree bishop to H5 does prevent an immediate mate but white will ultimately lose too much material.

  11. why do u show a game where white is totally oblvious to the attack,,most stonewall games are not like this…there are many challanges…this is like a dream stonewall game where everything the opponent does is oblivious to whats going on….Do a video on how to adaptt a stonewall game when white castles queenside, plays his rook in e4, plays pawn h3…this video sucks

  12. To introduce the Stonewall Dutch to beginners, and demonstrate the thematic concepts /patterns, I selected a game that demonstrates them. There are other videos covering other variations but, with Black pawns on f5/d5 + pieces Nf6/Bd6, none of them include Re4 from White?

  13. thanks for the video. just what I was looking for.

  14. great video…I´m planning on playing this tomorrow against d4. I hope it goes like in your video. 🙂

  15. Why can't you play h3 as white at some point ? It blocks the rook on h6

  16. I hate the Stonewall attack, will probably hate this as well, but will try it.

  17. honestly I think the only great dutch opening is the lenningrad variation.

  18. what would you do different if the game had developed like this against:

  19. I am just beginning to look at the Stonewall for black, so this has been helpful. Thank you.

  20. downvoted because of annoying bubble popup. i don't give a fuck how good the video is when you annoy me like this

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