Chess Opening: Grob Attack

The Grob Attack has a reputation for not being the strongest opening. That’s partly because it’s not very good BUT that doesn’t mean there aren’t some fun variations and creative traps that many players will fall for. For more chess openings check out


  1. Just beat the Wally bot using this! I'm an 1100

  2. I just opened with this accidentally and the person after I stole a few pieces resigned LOL

  3. I was at 500 level, played mostly this and won many times against 1000 rated players.

  4. It's pronounced Grōb like robe with a g 😉 It's my last name.

  5. Grob is not strong… lol the dude it was name after was a grandmaster

  6. On a ratings below 1200 this opening just crushes everyone.

  7. Great video thx! I like to play it all wrong. Take the knight out, don't fianchetto, sac three pawns. U get either a Mikhail Tal victory or a lost game, slowly but surely you do learn tactical aims worth going for. Remember "tactics flow from a superior position". So you end up with "luck". But it stems from a superior position. And you made your own luck by sacrificing material for (insane) development.

  8. I hate playing against this opening. Though I never play it.

  9. @chesswebsite can you make a video about the hippo defense opening

  10. Thanks Kevin. I've played this once. The expression on the guy's face was priceless. There's more to chess than just winning games.

  11. I'm going to start studying this and using because its not a common opening should score alot of easy wins

  12. My favorite opening. Thanks for uploading it!!!

  13. Wow, super interesting! Thanks for the effort of explaining all of the variations, learned a lot!

  14. This opening seems like more trouble than it's worth.

  15. Well it is a weird opening, and i probably wont play it. but some people might and avoiding a few "obvious" traps would be nice

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