Chess Opening: Grob Attack

The Grob Attack has a reputation for not being the strongest opening. That’s partly because it’s not very good BUT that doesn’t mean there aren’t some fun variations and creative traps that many players will fall for. For more chess openings check out


  1. SOmetimes when I´m in a rut, I do something crazy like this. I find it gets my mind working better and I play much better.


  3. I want to play the Grob Attack just because it's called the Grob Attack.

  4. Heavens sake kevin…keep intros short n dive into the opening…too much talk

  5. Grob attack is the best opening objectively speaking

  6. Send this to Jschlatt. Maybe he won't get checkmated in two moves.

  7. Kevin
    Can you do a video on the hedgehog defense

  8. I play G4, followed by G5<<< this prevents the knight from going to F6. all the time, also play B4 on opposite with similar

  9. Trys random shit to be original. Shit already has a name from 1880 and its called grob

  10. Hey Kevin, what rating are you in 10min games? By the way, great explanation!

  11. Thanks for making this! I made it to the end so I can see all the different things NOT to do as black! 🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️ and deny all of White’s ideas. 🕺🏻

  12. I remember using this opening in a school tournament as a joke and ended up winning it lol

  13. I was trying to learn this and g4, and my app played e6, i moved bg2, and ai went d5 and nothing in the video helped lmfao maybe theres something for it but im new

  14. Total trash, all of the traps don't work even on 1000 elo, people see through them like nothing.

  15. I just played against this clown opening, so I had to look it up. Was pretty easy to beat, so luckily I didn't fall for any of these traps.
    If you don't catch your opponent, you really have a weak structure.

  16. 1.g4 is the worst move according to stockfish 🤭
    but its viable to destroy beginners , but to destroy beginners you can use literally any opening you want

  17. The Grob attack is absolutely nuts and I love it!

  18. Man you are such a good teacher 🙂

  19. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:

    Pascal GroB

  20. I searched up this opening because my opponent used this on me and I was so confused what kind of opening it was, eventually I ended up checkmating him lol, I just went with my usual opening as black, d6 then Knight f6, I seem to win more with that kind of opening. I'm only 900 rating xd
    Edit: I'm a 1300 now lmao I still play the pirc

  21. This Opening strategy is like a "double edge Sword", if you are lack of knowledge on how to use it, you will just end up losing the game. especially if your opponent also know this strategy. This is like a "counter attack" on both players.

  22. I eat Cereal with Water and I pour the Water first says:

    So, although this is very clearly not the strongest opening, and although I personally don't really like it, there are definitely ideas here that you can take and learn from. For one, this video shows you how not to fall for the Grob attack. It also teaches a unique queen trap idea and although it's unlikely that specific line is to occur in a real game, there are definitely ways to do something similar, such as, manipulating an aggressive queen to getting forked.

  23. In theGorbeAttakyoucant casteling the king side

  24. Chigorin is works in this position after Bg2 Nc6

  25. This was well-done. I wish the guys from the other chess channels had your style.

  26. Very useful, i prepare this oppening because i dont want play against the silician (played by my adversary).

  27. This guy has the best voice of all chess content creators.

  28. I need to watch this 10 times and memorize this. My friend loves the gro. Opening.

  29. I've won my first three games with this opening and it always makes my opponent take a minute or two to open their account, whilst they try to figure out what the hell's going on.

  30. Hikaru says it's good. So I'm just gonna Ignore everything you say.

  31. Nelson and his queen played my ass like a fucking bongo when I tried this

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