CHESS Opening Ceremony

Song from the musical CHESS


  1. I just realised this version is different from the single. Bass line is way more groovy here IMO.

  2. I havent heard this for so long , I used to listen to it all the time when it came out . Listening now the way it starts is kind of Flash dance esq.

  3. wudnt ya know bjorn ulvaeus wrote this i sounds exaxtly like abba!

  4. Awesome! I hope they make a Chess movie someday soon!

  5. I realy hope they make a mowie but any chanse the original
    singer's probebly not.
    The coald war a big paret off my life.
    I donth miss that but maybee donth understand the compromiss
    something fore the new generation????

  6. @nanotechcre8or It's the ARBITER + US vs USSR

  7. Whenever you have Kings and Queens on bouncing breasts, it's pure win!

  8. I miss my school's production of Chess…great music, so much fun!!!!!!!

  9. @fourplusseven Hi!

    The orchestrations were by Anders Eljas and guitar was by ABBA guitarist Lasse Wellander. It's a great show and have been lucky enough to take part in a production of the show this year. I played Leonid Viigand which was really good fun and it was great to be able to sing such challenging music

    Kind Regards

  10. This rocks! One of the best musicals ever! I hope someone makes Chess into a movie musical soon!

  11. Best song in the CHESS soundtrack by far, but do love the whole score. Hoping to do some behind the scenes help in a production of this in Abergavenny next April – couldn't perform in it due to commitments in another amdram company, but would love to see how it's staged.

  12. at 5:28 you can notice this has been recorded from a cassette :/

  13. Doing CHESS in April 2014 with Newport Operatic Society!! Think this'll be my audition song!!

  14. If they make a movie, I want them to use this version.  I keep hearing about modernizations and giving the American and Russian names and it just.  Completely misses the point, you know?

  15. …" it really doesn't matter who comes out on top, who gets the chop…… BUT we're gonna smash that bastard!." wow i just noticed.

  16. The Arbiter is so intense. 😂 I love it.

  17. The intro in The Arbiter is the best part imo

  18. I'd forgotten how great this was…so glad I found the original album here. Takes me straight back to college days. Thanks for posting!

  19. It just came to Russia, it took long time for the system, the society, and finally for the theatre. The musical is great and actual as never before.

  20. ughhh what a great track, arbiter followed by the russian intro??? literally godly i love this musical 🙁

  21. 3:34 i remember listening to this track with my family and we all stomped on tune lmao

  22. We’re doing Chess as our marching band show this year

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