Checkmate in 10 (Fried Liver Chess Opening Trap)


  1. Yeahhh, they can just go back to their last square after check

  2. Him: fried liver attack
    Me: fried boomer attack

  3. u know that black doesn't have to take d5 with knight he can go the other knight to d4 which will have a trap if white push

  4. “I make content by showing people completely invalid opening lines in ches”

  5. after qf3+
    'opponent going back to ke8'
    me: that's not in the script!

  6. Just tried it and the op must’ve know it better than me cause I lost my knight pretty much immediately 😂😂

  7. Tried this trick but opponent played differently…finally I lost…

  8. If they go king e8 it’s mate even faster

  9. are you crazy?what if the king back to the original place?

  10. Black can kove to e7 no checkmate waste of knight

  11. Feel like no one plays knight f6 that often in this scenario… at least I don’t….if I’m black I bring out the bishop and if they move the knight up to threaten fried liver I play knight h6

  12. Это ловушка каждому понятна

  13. Opponent goes different move instead
    Me: hey that wasn't in the script

  14. Nope. After Nxf7 Qh4 Nxh8 Q takes bishop and that knight will die soon after and black wins easily

  15. But there is other way to continue, after exd5 hu should play B5

  16. Who says they're gonna move their King to G8 ? They have so many other options

  17. Everyone has a plan until they face me

  18. this is not forced move there are other moves that would save the king

  19. People complaining about who in the world would move thier king to e8 , guys it doesn't matter , it's just a what if , ur winning their knight with 3 extra points , so ur winning anyways.

  20. In my younger days I used to play this move in several tournaments & got fried instead.Hey I'm just 13 and me a no Capablanca or fischer😂😂😂

  21. noone ever moves a king to g8, usually opponents go to e6

  22. ok now I have to play 2,000 games for this to work.

  23. Great and what happens after ke6? 😅

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