Checkmate in 10 (Fried Liver Chess Opening Trap)


  1. I ne er block the bishop I play most times „black knight gambit „

  2. The ultimate dumb retreat from a Q check, to move where the Knight remains pinned??? Why?

  3. Beware of the Traxler counter-attack!If they play 4…Bc5 then you should take with the bishop to check.Otherwise 5…Bxf1 becomes a pretty big threat

  4. Oh yes, it works every time you’re playing both sides

  5. Who remembers his Fortnite days and when he made skulltrooper popular he literally deleted all his Fortnite vids for some reason

  6. I’ve played this 1000 times never seen Kg8 😂

  7. Opp always blunders kxd5
    but is smart enough to play best move which is Ke6 defending the knight we develop knight to c3 adding pressure opp reroutes his knight defending his and idk what to do after that 😅

  8. Don't do it against someone who knows what they're doing though. The fried liver attack is refuted if black knows what they are doing. Black blundered with Nxd5 here. And then again blunders even worse with Kg8.

  9. The right line is after you take they attack your bishop with the knight to a5 then you will check and they block with pawn causing to equal material and equal position.

  10. Checkmate in 4

    Pawn e3
    Bishop C4
    Queen f3
    Queen f7
    (This will only work if your opponent doesn't see the threat)

  11. Mate in 2 pawn to f4 pawn to e6 pawn to g4 Queen to h4 checkmate

  12. Nice prank done by there mothers and fathers

  13. If I beat my opponent this way what will be I proud of?

  14. Ok but why playing such Kg8 move ?? It's not honest to play bad moves and pretend it's all normal.

  15. Yea fried liver is good, but slightly different variation. This one requires them to go in the suicide corner

  16. The Traxler opening will destroy the fried liver attack

  17. What if they block the Queen's first check by their queen instead of moving the king to knight's place ?

  18. After the queen check, you can play Ke5 to stop this mate. I have a 84% win rate on that line

  19. but everyone goes knight a5. this is propaganda

  20. no one talking about the music fits the video?

  21. What if he doesn't take with the knight instead pawn to b5

  22. There is a counterpaly which will literally destroy u.

  23. You need to make 5. … Na4, what is realy unexpected but works

  24. Against fried liver my knight attacks the bishop leaving the pawn. That solves it to a degree.

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