Carlsen’s Opinion on my “BEST Opening Against 1.e4” 😂

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the top 5 fastest checkmate traps in the Rousseau Gambit. The Rousseau Gambit (or Ponziani Countergambit) is a chess opening that begins with the moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 f5.

This gambit opening is very tricky and comes with a lot of deadly traps. It is very easy for White to make fatal mistakes and lose the game in the opening stage.

Even advanced-level players struggle to find the best moves in these variations and fall for the traps, as you can see in one of the examples in this video.

► Chapters

00:00 Top 5 Fastest Checkmates in the Rousseau Gambit
00:09 Magnus Carlsen’s opinion on the Rousseau Gambit
01:33 Trap-1:White’s kingside destroyed
03:58 Trap-2: If White plays 5.Qe2
05:16 Trap-3: If White doesn’t play 4.exf5
07:41 Trap-4: White’s correct response 4.d4
09:20 Even 2500 rated players get trapped!
10:30 Trap-5: Greek gift sacrifice for the win!

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Photo: Magnus Carlsen’s Instagram
Thumbnail photo: Niki Riga


  1. What do you think about e4 e5 nf3 f5 ? Latvian gambit

  2. What about the line e4 e5 Nf3 Nc6 Bc4 f5 exf5 e4 Nd4? If Nxd4 then Qh5+ looks winning for white

  3. Great video, as well as the previous on this opening. I played it a lot, once someone played Bxg8 which was a huge surprise, and destroyed the game pretty fast. Can you suggest what would be good moves for that version?

  4. Igor, 2:10 was a mistake by pushing black pawn because white queen could come down to put black in check … you know this from your previous video so i'm not sure why you'd make that mistake now.

  5. I think such a video by showing most played moves and their win percentages of decent elo players.
    Also conclude with a few top engine moves so you are prepared for good players. And to be prepared if black plays this against you!

  6. E4 e5 nf3 nc6 bc4 f5 d3 bc5 ng5 f4 ?? Black losses!

  7. I've tried this defense gambit but ran into an issue… What if white accepts the gambit and on move 5 white plays ND4 and move 6 QH5? Black is in trouble then, correct?

  8. I won a lot of games with this gambit, in rookie area ofcourse

  9. After …d5, what if White plays Qh5+ instead of Bb5

  10. After …Ng4+, what if White plays Kg3

  11. what to play after d5 then exd5 not bxd5 time6.55

  12. I am sure I watched a vid of yours recently saying never to move the F-pawn in the opening?

  13. @GMIgorSmirnov, on 2:02 what counterplay do you have as black when they play Nd4? You can win the knight by taking it, but how to defend then against Qh5+…????

  14. What the HE🏒🏒 does it mean "no compensation". I've been playing this gambit nearly every day since your first video on it, and the only drawback is I have some weaknesses in a closed game where the gambit is declined.

    Basically I improved from 1100 to 1400 once I learned this one, and you always get the pawn back and a huge lead in development.

  15. After exf4 e5 white can play nd4.
    If nxd4 then qh5+ is losing for black.
    I got this move from stockfish btw

  16. It is now my favourite opening but not working when. the opponent Castle Queen side

  17. ► Chapters

    00:00 Top 5 Fastest Checkmates in the Rousseau Gambit

    00:09 Magnus Carlsen's opinion on the Rousseau Gambit

    01:33 Trap-1:White's kingside destroyed

    03:58 Trap-2: If White plays 5.Qe2

    05:16 Trap-3: If White doesn't play 4.exf5

    07:41 Trap-4: White's correct response 4.d4

    09:20 Even 2500 rated players get trapped!

    10:30 Trap-5: Greek gift sacrifice for the win!

  18. Nice trap. Magnus literally played h4 on move 1 so I think he would actually appreciate this Gambit in blitz.

  19. 2:09 what if the opponent decides to play Qh5+ instead of moving their bishop? I know black should be good but this move is supertricky and black can go down easily if you don't know what you are doing.

  20. Thank's for this a video.
    A suggestion : You should make a video on the Schliemann gambit which is the same response 6….f5 but against the Spanish opening.

  21. Sir"I have written twice my comment as a question but you could not answer third time I hope the same sir I have got crush the roussao gambit so please give its credit to me' sir e4 e5 nf3 nc6 bc4 f5 d3 bc5 ng5 f4?? White wins!!

  22. Love his Gambit. I've been playing it for quite some time. The variations with the early queen look interesting.

  23. Is AI Magnus as good at chess as the original one?

  24. I've never encountered anyone playing Rousseau gambit, but all my enemies playing Italian game did, I'm always getting great advantage in the opening, we need more, this is the most tricky and powerful opening

  25. number 3 is the lucchini gambit, very deadly for white

  26. Very good lesson with insidious idea…I like very much the first part of your video..😈😈😈💪👏👏👏

  27. I like playing this gambit, but I have so many issues when they play 4.d3 to defend the pawn. And more and more when I play the Rousseau that is the response so it's been getting harder for me to win with it.

  28. This gambit is not good but whose opponent will play it correctly? On our level, people just lose. I like this gambit!

  29. Hi Igor thanks for the video and that AI Magnus was scarily accurate😮

  30. against the Ruy Lopez it's called the Schliemann Defense and to be honest I have even better results then.

  31. Sir I am not your enemy but an obedient pupil ; I can prove that when white defends e4 pawn by playing d3 he losses the game but its credit must be given to me because I have discovered the way!

  32. But what about after …e4 he just goes Nd4,N×d4;Qh5+ ? I always run into a world of hurt after that

  33. "They were 2500, pretty good players"
    I have exited the chat.

  34. this is madness not a conversation. but the opening is ok – i guess. if u study this shit deep enough u can even hold draw.

  35. been looking for a gambit like this. Scandi looks like child's play compared to the venom in this attack.

  36. Igor, why don’t you talk about 5.Nd4 in any of your Rousseau videos? Very important because taking for black is actually a blunder.

  37. Ng1?? If I'm white I think move my knight to Nd4 then if black take my Knight I have check on h6 square

  38. Hi, can I play this gambit against the rui lopez opening ? Thanks

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