Brilliant Checkmate | Chess tactics


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  1. Как возникла эта позиция?

  2. Its called the Smothered Mate whoch involves a knight. Basically, same colored piece trap the king and the knight is in a position where it cannot be taken and the knight checlmates the king

  3. If he take with the rook, knight f7 cheakmate

  4. Джанго Освобожденный says:

    This is cool but it is not possible in real game

  5. The rook just kills the queen. Then the night kills the rook, and then the The king kills the night

  6. Ding liren,Magnus Carlson,Hikaru makamura,levy mate

  7. Just take the queen with the pawn and move the king down?

  8. I actually saw this image on a chess book

  9. For those that don't Understand after rook kills queen knight moves to c2 and checkmate

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