Brilliant Castle move | Chess tactics. #shorts #chess


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  1. There is castle is not best move … Bishop f2 is check is best move than king takes bishop after castle is best move 😂 after easily checkmate

  2. Is it rook and knight for a knight and whatever stood on f7 "at least" for black? Or does rook f1 not really save anything here?

  3. still loosing queen, and check mate after that.. what so brilliant about this?

  4. segun yo no hay peligro si capturas su caballo negro, de hecho amenazas dar mate o ganar material, el mate es que si juega para quitar alfil, Ch6, para Rh8 y despues Dg7, obligado Th8 y despues Cf7 #

  5. При шахе же нельзя рокировку делать или я что то путаю?
    А все увидел, что это не шах, прошу прощения

  6. Knight takes blacks queen but rook can take the white knight

  7. Is this legal move..Knight was attacking rook?

  8. Why he can do rocade where black get check?????

  9. Every move is brilliant

    Except for when it's not 😂

  10. Ал енді түсініп ал дейсің гой

  11. Queen sacrifice but within three move check &mate

  12. it can be mate in 1-4 depend on how the king move

  13. If White Knight takes Queen then it's surely losing for White.

  14. Blundering away your queen is always clap worthy

  15. Nah ive had more ppl castle into mate than brilliant

  16. If night takes queen then it is a
    forced cheakmate in 11 moves.

  17. Insane move, it took me a while to figure out the sequence. After nxqd8 you check with bf2 after king moves,d6 is check, block with e6, nf4 check, take the pawn on e6 and after he takes back with the knight, you take back with bishop with check, king moves to g5 and you check with rf5, king moves to g4, h5 check, king must go to g6 and you devliver the absolutely amazing double check!!! Rf3 and that is mate.

  18. But isn’t Qd5 a huge advantage for white still?

  19. Seria bueno ver como termino pero por ño que veo si ñas blancas toman reina negra entran en red de mate

  20. i would do the following with white,
    qd5 check

  21. this game is from Alexander hoffman vs Alexander petroff. Zach made a video about it if I am not wrong

  22. Bishop to f2 the king is forced to move either g4 or h3 which is mate by moving pawan to d6

  23. Awesome move by black checkmate one 2-3 moves ❤ first bishop to f2 then the king is allowed to moved either h3 or g4 which is mate by prawn to d6 ❤❤

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