Brilliant Castle move | Chess tactics. #shorts #chess


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  1. When knight take the queen,bishop f2 check,king h3,and pown d6 checkmate

  2. If white knight take black king, Queen White die?!

  3. Awesome move atleast winning his queen or checkmate guaranteed

  4. After knight takes queen bf2 check. White King to h3. Black Pawn to d3 discover check. White pawn g3 block the check and black knight f4 check mate.
    Thats right?

  5. No need of pretending to be experts here. Just check out "Petrov's Immortal!"
    It's forced checkmate in 13 after white captures the Queen, and that's with white playing the best defensive moves!

  6. I think The key to this puzzle is bishop f2 check if the queen is taken and the discovered check with the other bishop and the rook is open and the knight is available ,but I'm to stupid to calculate exact moves ,I just recognize certain looks about the board

  7. People who think that they gotta take the queen 😆

  8. I think it might go like this if i am wrong feel free to correct me knight takes queen opening the rook on f and then black move bishop to f2 check the white have 2 possible moves to g4 or h3 that gives white 2 moves 1st if king goes to g4 you fork king and queen with knight or 2 nd doesn't matter where king goes once pawn move to d6 it will reveal check mate.

  9. That’s a game analyzed by GothamChess if you wanna see it the name is : 100 precision

  10. White looses the queen too. But Still white has opportunities

  11. Castles are only useful when u need to get ur rooks together or like for protection

  12. He losse his queen by knight if he captures it with his rook, then white queen captures his knight then it's check so, he moves king and queen captures bishop

  13. What?? Isnt white winning a lot after Queen takes knight?? Threatening checkmate and he has to sac the rook, you bring your rook over and you win material.

  14. as a 1050 elo guy, and im playing as white, im gonna try to counter that with e6 then Qg4

  15. No tactic found here… After Bf2, Kg4, d6 there is a lot of space for white to run

  16. Bishop to f1 and then we move our d pawn to d6 and it's a beautiful checkmate but if white does not take, you will win the queen after queen goes to f1 to protect f2 and the knight but that is also a blunder…and will result in checkmate after 13 moves

  17. Bro white just loses a queen the idea is shitt

  18. If I m as white, i playing with queen xd5, if black rxg7,then qxc5. Many moves

  19. 1. Qxd4 Rxf7 2. Qxc5 b6 3. Qe3 Qf8… black is up -1.5 v when it started at -1.6.

  20. El caballo come la reina dándole paso a la torre para hacer jaque al rey con el alfil, luego de que se mueva el rey jaque con alfil blanco descubierto y el rey se encierra.

  21. I recently saw this game in a video from "The Chess Nerd", it's called "Petrov's Immortal" (Alexander Petrov vs Alexander Hoffman, 1844).
    If Knight takes Queen on F8, it's forced mate in 13.

  22. It's realllllllly briliant 😮😮😮❤❤❤

  23. Based on beat moves I can see. White knight takes black queen. White queen takes knight D5 check. King H8. Knight F7 check. Rook takes queen takes checkmate in 1 no matter what black does. Or, if in the check the rook blocks on F7 then queen takes on F7 king H8, bishop b2 to G7 checkmate

  24. King just chllin at middle of board though😂

  25. Castling is done for fun and black queen is lost to white horse

  26. Siguiente movimiento, CxD8; Af2, hake, Rh3, peónd6 hake mate✌ brillante

  27. you check, why you castle thats legal???

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