Bobby’s First BRILLIANT MOVE!! 不 #shorts

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  1. yet no one points out that black blundered a queen and white hung his queen….

  2. Are you gays stupid or not can you just take the queen

  3. Still ain't bad cuz u can move pawn to promote it

  4. We can also play 1. Qxf8+,kc7 ,2.b6+,kc6, 3. Ne5+ and the rook is gone

  5. If you find a simple game make it complex: Mikhail Tal games

  6. Si , el fue el protagonista est獺 vez

  7. It wasnt a brilliant move. Your opponent was just a brain rot.

  8. Everypne else on the planet: Ill just cut out the bullshit and take the queen for free.

  9. Knight to d6, rook takes queen b7 checkmate

  10. i am sure you will be a grandmaster one day! keep practicing chess, and you'll probably get something special.

  11. Bro cooked but already had a whole ahh buffet in front of him

  12. Its also a pawn fork after you take the queen.

  13. Bro those are analysis and not real games

  14. You take gueen has to block with rook then take room with mate

  15. Maybe he didn't just want the free queen, he wanted the rook too.

  16. Its not a brilliant move It was a puzzle…

  17. Bro got situation so good it looks like it is from a chess textbook

  18. For anyone who says he took a rook. Queen takes Queen, King goes c7, white pushes the pawn to b6, King goes c6, knight e7 forking king and the rook and you have the forced queen and rook anyway without losing the queen. And there is even faster way to win, but I'm just saying there is an easy way to forced queen and the rook without sacking the queen.

  19. Nice fork. Now, I have a puzzle to solve for my student. 旦不

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