Best Chess Openings 😲 Colle-Zukertort System – GM Susan Polgar (Chess For Beginners)

Want to know the best chess openings that don’t require endless hours of studying theory? 🤔 GM Susan Polgar has used the Colle-Zukertort System with great success. Get instant access to the full course with 50% off. ►

Chess openings can be a tough place for the beginner player as it can be very difficult to think of new ideas that are really the best moves in unfamiliar positions. Sure, you can follow well-known fundamental concepts such as control the center, develop your pieces, and get your king safe – however if you suddenly find yourself in a sharp position early in the game you might not be able to fight your way back!

The Colle-Zukertort is one of the best chess openings for White that doesn’t involve memorising endless lines of theory. As a beginner chess player, it is recommended that you spend most of your study time concentrating on the middlegame and the endgame, as they are the most important phases of the game. It’s really only the full-time chess professionals who have the time to delve into complicated openings, analysing and memorising lines and variations fifteen, twenty or more moves deep. At lower levels, memorising moves isn’t a good idea, because if you don’t understand the reason behind the moves, it is easy to go wrong as soon as the opponent plays a move you hadn’t prepared for!

This chess opening is good because White can decide how to proceed in the game. White can either attack on the kingside, or can choose to open up the center and create an attack there.

The Colle opens with 1. d4 d5 2. Nf3 e6 3. e3 Nf6 4. Bd3. Black has a number of responses here, but in this Chess For Beginners video, Susan Polgar concentrates on the main move 4…c5. The Zukertort System is where White plays b3 and fianchettoes the queen-side bishop.

After going over the basic ideas of the opening, a typical game is analysed between Maroczy and Blake, to help you see the ideas in action and better understand them so you can use them in your own games.

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  1. I Would love to take a lesson from Susan, she's an evil genius ..

  2. Great presentation, many thanks, UK

  3. Every opening has variations, even the Colle-Zukertort system. It's the nature of chess that every opening has variations, meaning alternative ways of playing.

  4. Colle = chicken opening. If you are a fearful person then play the London and when you realize that the London is still too dangerous for you then play the Colle. It can't get any worse. Why? Now look, the key point of the Colle is to AVOID the confrontation and contact of your pieces and the opponent's pieces. Stay in your first three ranks and wait in fear what happens. Wait for the confrontation … but why wait??? Why neglecting the IDEA of chess??? The clash of two armys? It's just an opening for cowards trying to avoid the unavoidable.

  5. I wouldn't mind having sister Susan as my chess teacher … I love both

  6. so this is what Eleven does for a living when the stranger things series ended?

  7. Muchas gracias por compartir la teoría de la apertura pero no todos juegan igual

  8. A very clear explanation of the Colle-Zukertort System. I may buy the cd, but I'd rather you upload more.

  9. Nice to see a video on the colle zukertort. Thanks!

  10. Watching the video's as I type this. I am very happy with this purchase and for a beginner like me in the Colle-Zuckertort, It is informative. OnlineChessLessons Rock…Thanks

  11. Beginners should opt for 1. e4 instead of 1. d4. Because there is more tactics involved in king pawn openings as the pawn is not supported. It's good for beginners to learn tactics first.

  12. Nothing phony about Susan Polgar. I love to listen to her teaching. And her simple chess philosophy is perfect.

  13. Instead of playing a3, can't you play c3 supporting the d pawn then play nbd2?

  14. Susan can you loan your dad for a while? I like your videos. And I'm delighted to see you are a professional in more ways then one. In fact you were to visit a nearby city of mine some time ago. I was so exited because to my thinking you were the bobby Fischer he should have been and tried to get my club leader to get you on a very powerful radio station hosted by one who would appreciate you also. Thanks for your time.

  15. "It is White's privilege to start the game." That's racism.

  16. I play this in blitz all the time. The bottom line in these type of videos is there comes a moment when the IM or GM sees a sac and a break through with a keen tactical eye, that I may never have, and unleashes a winning combination. It always looks easy when someone is feeding you the moves.

  17. THANK YOU Susan,   I'm a high school art teacher and also coach the chess team.  I'm an average player and love game.  Your videos are very good.  I'm sharing the links with my team and encouraging them to study online and mainly to read good chess books.  I will soon purchase your books where you analyze famous games.  Many of my students are poor and we are limited in our resources. I just started teaching at a new high school where they haven't had a team in over 12 years.  Most players on my team are beginners.  Your online resources are very helpful.  Thanks again,    Jeff

  18. Sasan. you are sweetest Grandmarster I've seen 😉 Thanks

  19. It has been out that Carlsen a very good sports man. Is he better than Vishy?

  20. May be bobby fischer was the best in the history? He was difficult person, but played interesting 😉

  21. how can i watch the full video of Volume 7 , any suggestions welcome . thanks in advance. 

  22. 4:15 before we get past "in this DVD, I will show you the Colle". Tempos matter in video as well as chess

  23. oh cmoooon men… most of comments by "fellas" and no1 mentioning Susan's good looking???!!!
    As far as chess goes Susan could never get my king down,  only the opposite way, but I'd agree on draw any time she asked.
    All praise and respect for Susan.

  24. thank you so much for this tutorial. I came across the zukertort variation by accident in a thread and never fully understood it.

  25. Zsuzsa Polgar <3333 wonderful woman

  26. susan keeps disappearing and reappearing…   kinda spooky but I like it.

  27. What does contain the full DVD ? Examples of games ?

  28. Antonio Aguilar…
    You are incorrect of course.Fisher DID play 1.d4 openings.He played 1.d4 in his title match vs Spassky several times, so apparently he changed his mind. Case closed.You need to do a tiny bit of common sense research before you simply mouth off and make dumb statements like…."Fischer never played 1.d4…."

  29. You are incorrect as i said,I will not waste my time with you anymore.It is YOU and your research that is incorrect,not mine.

  30. I've been playing the Colle-Koltinofsky system for years. This video gave me a new outlook; thanks for posting!

  31. I'd have a lot more time studying chess openings if every video about chess openings didn't spend five minutes talking about how no one has time to study chess openings.

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