Best Chess Openings 😲 Colle-Zukertort System – GM Susan Polgar (Chess For Beginners)

Want to know the best chess openings that don’t require endless hours of studying theory? 🤔 GM Susan Polgar has used the Colle-Zukertort System with great success. Get instant access to the full course with 50% off. ►

Chess openings can be a tough place for the beginner player as it can be very difficult to think of new ideas that are really the best moves in unfamiliar positions. Sure, you can follow well-known fundamental concepts such as control the center, develop your pieces, and get your king safe – however if you suddenly find yourself in a sharp position early in the game you might not be able to fight your way back!

The Colle-Zukertort is one of the best chess openings for White that doesn’t involve memorising endless lines of theory. As a beginner chess player, it is recommended that you spend most of your study time concentrating on the middlegame and the endgame, as they are the most important phases of the game. It’s really only the full-time chess professionals who have the time to delve into complicated openings, analysing and memorising lines and variations fifteen, twenty or more moves deep. At lower levels, memorising moves isn’t a good idea, because if you don’t understand the reason behind the moves, it is easy to go wrong as soon as the opponent plays a move you hadn’t prepared for!

This chess opening is good because White can decide how to proceed in the game. White can either attack on the kingside, or can choose to open up the center and create an attack there.

The Colle opens with 1. d4 d5 2. Nf3 e6 3. e3 Nf6 4. Bd3. Black has a number of responses here, but in this Chess For Beginners video, Susan Polgar concentrates on the main move 4…c5. The Zukertort System is where White plays b3 and fianchettoes the queen-side bishop.

After going over the basic ideas of the opening, a typical game is analysed between Maroczy and Blake, to help you see the ideas in action and better understand them so you can use them in your own games.

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  1. I love Susan Polgar! Her book on Chess tactics is one of the first Chess books I read off. In fact it's one of the few books I read to completion; and it really made a big impact on the quality of my Chess.

  2. A great video! I would love to watch more on Colle.

  3. How about Torre Attack? Which one is better? Colle or Torre.. I found torre to be more convenient..

  4. So white starts d4 and black doesn't comply with d5, and instead goes Nf6 or Nf3. No Colle?

  5. Hi! I already own the Winning Chess the Easy Way collection. I wanted to know if The Polgar Method is a Remake of that series or if it's a totally different product. Thanks.

  6. Yes but it is actually not racism when white starts. It is because all people are variable degrees of brown. I f you look closely there are no actual white or black people.

  7. I'll have to explore this more. I play Stonewall and this looks similar. Pros and Cons Colle vs SW?

  8. Thank you, Susan, this was a very informative video. I have both of your tactics books and they are an excellent place for a beginner to start. This video is a nice companion to those books.

  9. I always feel like these super GM's are overqualified to teach basic lessons like these.

  10. Nice to find this video and overview of the Colle-Zukertort. I will look further into it and add it to my present use of the London and Torre Systems.

  11. I have been using the Colle for years. Stumbling ãround learning the hard way.But these videos have shown me the best move order. I can beat most any player with it under 1900. Thanks guys for your aid.

  12. I love it by ashish u can be frinds in face book

  13. john bones, its not racism, im black and i dont see it as such. the lady master is purely referring to the chess pieces. dont overreact man

  14. Hikaru introduces the video and velcomes Susan.

  15. My former chess teacher (a national master) was a student of Susan. He would introduce many books and DvDs from her as well as inviting me to a local club at Forest Hills she opened. 4-5 years ago he wanted me to meet her in person, but that never happened because he got into a car accident, losing a leg and an arm in the process.

    It's really daunting to realize that such a mentally draining sport like chess can sometimes twist your perceiving of tragedies. I never saw my teacher the same, nor being able to put in more effort in chess.

  16. zukertort, the best player of the 19th century!

  17. Thank you miss polgar to make a very good video on colle- zukertort veriation . I used colle system with a great benefit now i will try the zukertort version . Very very thanks 💐

  18. They sure take a long time to get around teaching an opening strategy that's intended to save you time.

  19. Detroit Michigan 48221. Thank you very much. I sub, liked and commented : Video paid for.

  20. Very good opening explanation and what a lovely accent!

  21. I already sold my soul to the London system.

  22. I really like your explanatiom… Thanks Susan…
    Best regard from Indonesia

  23. I started playing this, no theory, didn't even know how it was called or which were the best moves. 13 win streak, at least in 1100-1300 this is crazy good


    I like the pair of white bishops!

  25. The rate of speech is excellent. She gives time to process what is said.

  26. Ohh cool That was a very nice game even i learned the opening some

  27. 1:35 White privilege? You did that on purpose, you non-politically correct Hungarian

  28. Susan could do an instructional dvd of how to tie shoe laces and I would watch…and probably learn

  29. Βest lectures…ever..thank you so much for these valuable informations..😎

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