BEST Chess Opening Trap in the King’s Gambit (Bishop’s Gambit)

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you a really powerful chess opening trap for White which happens in the Bishop’s Gambit variation of the King’s Gambit Accepted: 1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 (The King’s Gambit Accepted) 3.Bc4.

White allows 3…Qh4+ 4. Kf1. White lost the possibility to castle, but the king is safe on f1 and White can gain several tempi on the Black queen, for example with Nf3. The famous Immortal Game started with this line.

White’s plan is usually to develop quickly and start an attack on the kingside using the half-open f-file and the bishop on c4.

The core idea of this trap is similar to that of the one in the Bishop’s Opening – White targets the f7-square, taking aim at the Black’s king. When Black tries to dominate, their queen gets trapped.

β–Ί Chapters

00:00 Best Opening Trap in King’s Gambit
00:30 Bishop’s Gambit, King’s Gambit Accepted
02:56 Evil Trap
04:00 Killer Tactics!
04:30 Can you find the winning move?

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  1. Rook to h4 trap's blacks queen there's no square it can go to

  2. β–Ί Chapters

    00:00 Best Opening Trap in King's Gambit

    00:30 Bishop's Gambit, King's Gambit Accepted

    02:56 Evil Trap

    04:00 Killer Tactics!

    04:30 Can you find the winning move?

  3. Wow what a coincidence ive just began studying the bishop’s gambit and here you are, posting a video about it!

  4. Bishop’s Gambit! My favorite!! πŸ‘πŸ‘ I play it every time I play 1.e4!

  5. I am now a strong player I like you and I wish to one day play you

  6. Hi Igor Sir(and everyone)! I have a question (actually quite a few). I prefer to play the Bishop's opening with white and I am thinking what to play as black against e4 and d4. Can u suggest some good opening. BTW I am 1300 on lichess.

  7. Where is your cat? looks like it's replaced by a red bunny behind πŸ˜„. Anyhow as usual great content Igor! I won many games using Bishop gambit following your tricks explained in an unbeatable bishops opening video, most of the opponents were resigned in the early stages of many games πŸ‘

  8. After Qh3, and Kf2, black has the dominating reply Nf6, and white is just lost. G3 may Not be a suitable move to play against 1500+.

  9. Looks like the following is best for White

    11. Rh4 Qxh4

    12. Nxh4 Kxf7

    13. Qh5+ Kf8

    14. Ng6+ hxg6

    15. Qxh8 Bxd4+

    16. Kg2 {And White is winning}

  10. Hi Mr. Igor. I studied your Bishop's opening and loved it, except, I don't know how to play when Black responds with the Philidor. Please give us all a lesson on that one. T hanks Adrian O

  11. I am so happy you got rid of that dead cat on the bookshelf behind you.

  12. Hi Igor, you should make some videos about the Allgaier gambit in the KG. There are many traps and not many people know about the opening

  13. Kings Gambit worst Opening in Chess I have a High rate of success with the Black pieces simple solution dont move the bishop out move the Queen back to e8 goal was accomplished white moved the king

  14. Tricks amd traps looks cool, but I'm not a fan of it, I like taking things slowl and destroy my opponents step by step

  15. As lichess calls it: King's Gambit Accepted: Bishop's Gambit, Greco Variation

    Your line relies on 4 … Bc5, hoping, as you say, for … Qf2#. But what if, instead, d6, or Nf6, or even d5 5 Bxd5 Nf6 ?

  16. Earlier today the bishop's gambit opening was played against me by an intermediate level bot, in a game without time control. I didn't look at this Youtube till afterwards…. I dealt with it by remembering principles that I'd read about some years back: ok to take the f pawn, don't try too hard to hold onto the one-pawn advantage, advance your d pawn early. I checked with my queen at h4 to stop white from castling, then moved the queen right back to d8 when the knight attacked her. Although white had an early lead in development, I managed to avoid falling into a trap and eventually won.

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