Best Chess Opening To Win Up To 1900 ELO After 1.e4 [Tricky Gambit]

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🔹 The BEST Chess Opening for Black Against 1.e4 –
🔹 An Aggressive Opening For Black Against e4 | Traps to win FAST –

In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the best chess opening for Black against 1.e4 which will help you beat players up to 1900 ELO.

It is a tricky gambit from the Scandinavian Defense, known as the Modern Variation, which happens after 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6. The most played moves by White in this position are 3.Nc3 and 3.c4, both being inaccurate, and you will learn how to get a winning advantage in these lines.

► Chapters

00:00 Best Chess Opening for Black Against 1.e4
00:20 Scandinavian Defense 2…Nf6, Modern Variation
01:26 Forcing and winning line for Black
03:24 Proof: Works up to 1900 ELO players
04:36 If White plays 3.c4 to protect d5
08:00 If White plays Qd3 after Ne4

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  1. I always get into games were they decline to take the opening pawn and pass it. I would love a video on what to do….

  2. i am working on a secret gambit very similar too that and it would be fun if you can play it and discover some psychologic tricks in it.Say me if you are interrested

  3. I'm only like 1.200, and as White I play 3. Bb5+ because I watched your videos so I know these traps and I can avoid them by playing the different line.
    Most of time my opponents simply replied with 3… c6. And after 4. dxc6 I am a pawn up.
    I rarely face 3… Bd7 or 3… Nbd7.

  4. It is so useful informations! Scandinavian defense is super strong. I thought it is super bad.

  5. Hello any one can help me I suddenly lost my points from 2200 to 1500 on chess online application without losing I don't know why

  6. You should make a video showing how 1.e4 to get girls

  7. From which website you got this lichess database

  8. Igor can you make a video about chess openings or defenses that dosent get used much but is a good type of opening or defense?

  9. 3. Bb5+ by White is probably the most annoying move to face in this line

  10. I think their move 4 is certain to be pawn C4 white. Then what, Igor?

  11. At 9:11 white can play rook d8, forcing queen takes d8 or back rank. at 5:45 white can play bishop d2 instead of the knight c3?

  12. Why white didn't move pawns in this formation

  13. Anyone I ever play never defends their knight with the bishop. They play h3 with their pawn causing you to retreat

  14. I never knew these theories, tricks and traps. I was 1450 then my eyes opened, tried the trucks and went down to 1320 and I forget it. I reckon the only way to move up is to learn all these openings off by heart

  15. Great video but you should put the opening's name on the title so viewers can find it more easily

  16. What if white defends with the bishop in the second part

  17. Thanks for awesome videos Igor! Youre hands down the best chess tutor on youtube. Your very clear to the point chess thinking has definitely helped improve my game.

  18. Just used these moves, worked perfectly 4me. Thanks Igor💯

  19. Most of the time they play pf4 attacking the queen and protected by the bishop, that seems to stop the whole thing. How do you go about that?

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