Best Chess Opening for Black Against 1.d4 | Queen’s Gambit Accepted

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will show you how to play against 1.d4 as Black. A lot of the players play the Queen’s Gambit as White (especially after it has gained popularity due to the miniseries), and you can counter them by accepting the gambit after 1.d4 d5 2.c4 dxc4.

This variation works really well, especially in the amateur level because most of them are not familiar with it and don’t know how to deal with it. You can take advantage of that and get a winning position straight out of the opening.

You will learn how to get a winning advantage after the White’s most common responses 3.Nc3, 3.e4, and 3.e3. You will also learn how to play against 3.Nf3, which is what the masters and advanced chess players play.

► Chapters

00:00 Chess Opening Against 1.d4, Queen’s Gambit Accepted
00:37 Why Queen’s Gambit Accepted is Powerful
01:51 1) If White plays 3.Nc3
03:12 Do NOT make this opening mistake!
05:27 2) If White plays 3.e4
06:39 If White doesn’t play Nxb5
07:41 If White plays dxe5
09:00 Black’s different ideas/plans
10:15 3) If White plays 3.e3
11:13 4) If White plays 3.Nf3 (PROs play this move)

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  1. I laughed when you said your cat could convert it hahahahhaah

  2. Honestly your channel has been amazing at expanding my opening repertoire. I’ve had such a narrow opening repertoire for a while and its been my Achilles heel but I find myself knowing what to do and which concepts to apply in many different positions far more often after watching your vids. Your videos are one of a kind insightful and have a great mix of general principles as well as in depth traps/theory, well done my friend 👏

  3. Igor love you bro, love your channel and videos and love Argun your cat but still miss seeing him behind you in your pleasant surroundings – don't like this sterile boring "office look" ☺Don't you feel better sitting in your pleasant surroundings man?

  4. I miss your cat he is a legend, his chess advise is the best. But you not bad yourself.

  5. Great stuff! And a great help over the board. Yoiu are so much better than the books.

  6. Thx for making SO MUCH content and adding the PGNs!

  7. Easy HomeCooking Cook_with_Shef.Com_jchandravadani says:

    Best one ❤🎉

  8. The only video of his where he's not pushing some trash opening

  9. Лучший канал и лучший разбор партий. У самого первый разряд.

  10. at 7:11 can i sac my queen by playing Nxe4 if white play Bxd8.. black Bxf2+ followed Bg4#.. oh my bad white can block by Nf3 😅

  11. Hello! Why do i not have the same square lines when i try to draw a line for a horse?

  12. So I accept the gambit then they play Qa4! Then what?

  13. Queens gambit is my opening like 90% of the time the rest are mostly testing other

  14. Merçi pour cette analyses pédagogique,d4 d5;c4 d×c4.j'aime beaucoup votre still tactics dans ce jeux!

  15. Today my opponent played queen's opening and I became shocked because I didn't know what to do against queen's opening. Because my many games usually start with king's opening. I was happy to watch the vedio which is amazing. Thank you keep going so.❤

  16. This is some great stuff Igor. Thanks for this unrecognised gem of a video ❤️

  17. Hey Igor, great content. I played at a local tournament recently and this worked for me very well. I managed to win against a 1780 elo rated player with this line and had a pretty solid game against another 1800+ player.

  18. Thanks for the video Igor, been playing chess for 4 weeks now and i have gone from 100 elo to 608 so far, suddenly i have been coming across alot of d4 and Queens Gambits and i have not been having much joy aha, this vid and the Queens gambit declined has allowed me to plug those holes in my game. Great vid luv your work your one of my faves, next to Gotham and a couple others.
    Fan from Manchester Uk!

  19. AHAH Nf3, there a Pro, and your in trouble! i know the feeling, the feeling of crap!!!! this guy can play chess f**k!!!!!!!!!! Now its serious, i just resort to going out swinging if i can aha

  20. ► Chapters

    00:00 Chess Opening Against 1.d4, Queen's Gambit Accepted

    00:37 Why Queen's Gambit Accepted is Powerful

    01:51 1) If White plays 3.Nc3

    03:12 Do NOT make this opening mistake!

    05:27 2) If White plays 3.e4

    06:39 If White doesn't play Nxb5

    07:41 If White plays dxe5

    09:00 Black's different ideas/plans

    10:15 3) If White plays 3.e3

    11:13 4) If White plays 3.Nf3 (PROs play this move)

  21. This is very cool variation. I never accept queen gambit!

  22. I always make that Bb4 move and get screwed. Thanks!

  23. That backward mate by the knight which moves into an en prize situation was SWEET,

  24. Great upload,a good solid response.Fight for the centre with good development,play against your opponents idea's.

  25. I love your smile and the way you explain every movie is the reason I started playing chess ❤️❤️

  26. Reminds me of the recommendation Graham Burgess has against the Queens Gambit. He mentions the QGA is a way to transpose to the Slav while avoiding some opening nuances

  27. For blitz I use a slightly tricky move order in the e3 variation as White. 1. d4 d5 2. c4 dxc4 3. e3 e5 4. Bxc4 exd4 5. Nf3 where if black gets greedy and tries to play 5…dxe3 the position is completely winning for white after 6. Bxf7+. Obviously if they resist the temptation (and indeed most people do resist it according to the lichess database) the position is fine, but it's a trap for people to be aware of.

  28. What about against wayward queen attack?

  29. Omg. This is What i have been looking for. What begginers are looking for. Thank you. I appreciate that you took your time to make this. Keep up the good work

  30. Great content AS ALWAYS! I'm wondering if you have a video on how to play against the London System. That would be helpful.

  31. Love your videos! it would be awesome to see a video on how to defend better.

  32. I guess it's time to add QGA to my repertoire!!

  33. Power Rangers and Super Sentai (PR and SS) says:

    I am a 1460 rated player sir
    I need an opening from black side to beat rated players from the rating range 1300 – 1400
    Please suggest me some lines so that I can improve myself
    I am losing only to these rating range players

  34. "If your opponent is a pro, then you are in trouble!" 🙂 Well, but that can be said from the very start of the game.

  35. It's problematic that most games go like this: 1.d4 d5 2. C4 dxc4 3. E4 e5 4. Nf3 exd4 5. Nxd4 Bb4+ 6. Bd2 Bxd2+ 7. Nxd2 and so on and white is fine while either queens on the board or in queenless endings.

  36. Nah the best gambit is the "Ohio Gambit"

  37. Thank you GM Igor Smirnov for the many wonderful chess lessons. You are the most prolific uploader of chess videos.

  38. Thanks a lot Igor! That was exactly what I was looking for! 😊👍♟

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