Best Chess Opening Against 1.e4 & 1.d4 [TRAPS Included]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you a simple, effective, and universal chess opening for Black against 1.e4 and 1.d4. Yes, this opening system works for both of the most common first moves from White.

It happens in the Czech Defense from the Pirc Defense which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 c6. But this is not just Pirc Defense – this is an opening system, so you can play the same setup irrespective of what White plays.

This setup is so powerful that White is often clueless after the opening moves as their pieces are stuck and are really passive. On the other hand, Black has a solid position with great attacking plans!

► Chapters

00:00 Best Chess Opening against 1.e4
00:25 Pirc Defense: Czech Defense
03:03 Solid setup for Black
04:31 No clear plan for White
08:18 Line-2: White plays 4.f4
10:10 Beware of this forcing line
12:47 White rook is trapped
15:01 Same setup against 1.d4
16:39 If White blocks the center

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  1. Has any of your games got featured in agadmator channel

  2. Great one and thanks for sharing. I will definitely try this. One of your lessons that has made me crush many opponents is the Bishops opening. Boy, makes me feel like a pro whereas my actual Bliz rating is just 1300. I was rated 1200 until I watched the Bishops opening which made me win many games!

    Once again, thank you!

  3. Hi GM Igor, I like so this opening idea, but I tried to play then two times and after Da5, whites plays f4. What is the best response for that? Maybe e5?

  4. We love the cat, of course! But this is also a really interesting and enjoyable lesson: thank you. 🙂

  5. The most common solution for white that was not adressed in this explantion after 4… Qa5 is 5. Bd2. If the black knight capture e4, the white knight is allowed to capture it back and at the same time the bishop attacks the Queen. In this video we have to pray for the blunder 5. Bd3. This trap is not practical.

  6. Great video. Never played the Pirc. I like this system for black.

  7. Sometimes in such positions, White's knight maneuver Nf3-Nh4-Nf5 can be problematic. How should Black deal with this idea?

  8. Let’s say that your opponent is a moron, and blunders a pawn in the move 2, well, you are a pawn up!.

    I am sorry but I find these videos too focused on expecting blunders to get an advantage

  9. all good well and fine……but…what if white plays pawn to D5…where is that? Is there some way you can make my opponents play the white moves? because they never do.

  10. Why ur youtube channel suddenly changed to Terra Luna? Instead of remote chess academy….

  11. Where did GM Smirnoff learn such fluent accentless english.Did he spend time in English speaking countries in his youth or something. I am a native English speaker and I am amazed that he speaks absolutely perfectly without an accent. Most east European grandmaster have decent passable English but his is practically native level.

  12. Can you share an explanatory video, how will black play if after Qa5, white will play Bd2?

  13. I always have to watch your videos many times. I can't concentrate … Because the first time I mostly only look to your cat in background! 😂

  14. Thanks! beautiful. You seems like a nice nan and i have share your content🤘

  15. I was looking for some solid openings for black and then I saw this, before watching this video I play the pirc main line and the czech pirc I thought that this opening was too passive, so I didn't play it a lot, but this video made me realize that the pirc can also be very attacking! thank you, GM Smirnov

  16. ну ты маэстро, пытаюсь применить на своём рейтинге 800(битва бомжей).

  17. Great opening for black,(Chech Pirc)but 4.f4 is critical.White has just better always.This is the problem.

  18. I was struggling to learn some aggressive variations with black, and started losing very badly. I guess at my (low) level, a solid opening is better than a flashy one. And I have to say, this opening has been a blast the last days. Very solid, I mostly end up winning with a good position and on time, because the opponent is simply crushed and have no more moves to do, while I have multiple to choose from. Many thanks!

  19. I got these position in a real.match and 7 steps in I forgot what comes next in a 1 minute match lol but I was still in strong position i just forgot what to do next to win it was funny I had to just play basic chess from there

  20. What happens if white advances the pawn to e5 before black can play e5? You didn't mention that.

  21. NM Robert Ramirez popularised this opening: Czech Pirc. He has a full series of videos on the Czech Pirc.

  22. Hm. 4. e5 seems to blow this up real fast. After a messy exchange, black's position is purely defensive and not looking very good.

  23. in the opening, when you play Qa5, most opponents will play Bd2 threatening your queen. You say just move it back to safety, but then you’ll have moved the same piece twice and gave your opponent an extra move to develop. How is that correct? shouldn’t we consider Qc7 right away then?

  24. Tuning into Grandmaster Igor has no doubt helped me become a better player .

  25. Can this defence be played against any White opening?

  26. 99% of my opponents will play pawn e5 😢

  27. I've tried this twice and it's already so much fun. Genuinely leaves White going…ok…what now

  28. It gets nasty for black after Qa5 by black then white plays bd2

  29. Playing against engine this does not work

  30. @ 2:10 – what if white responds with BE7? The computer played actually this move against me, I tried to continue as given here, but it defended quite well.

  31. What to play after
    1.e4d6 2.d4Nf3 3.Nc3c6 4.e5

  32. Great opening for black, won most of the games

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