Beat Every Chess Opening! By Sacrificing on f7 and f2 | Traps Included. Pt2

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Course Attributes:
1. Easy to learn for beginners and intermediate level players;
2. Presented in a layman’s language;
3. Coming together with very well annotated Master PGN files.
4. Coming together with supportive docs containing chess principles that may help you;
5. Tested against real games using the Lichess Masters Database.

This is part 2 of a two-part video series on “How To Win Chess Easily! By Sacrificing on f7”. This video covers the remaining 5 openings against which you can take advantage of the weak f7 and f2 squares. In part 1, we covered the first 5 openings where you can try out the same tricks that are explained in this video.


00:00 – Intro
00:31 – Against the Scandinavian Defense
04:05 – Against the Scandinavian Defense-2
07:09 – Against the Caro-Kann Defense
08:48 – With the Scotch Game
11:25 – Against the Queens Gambit Setups

Study Analysis:

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  1. I destroyed a player today using this exact tactic as learned from your video. His Queen was out in a jiffy and it was all over a couple of moves after that. Most decent players bug out after loosing the Queen due to feeling intimidated.

  2. I just want to play the normal Budapest Defense but they check mate meeeee!!!!

  3. Number 9 scotch Gambit can you please make full video with all prediction moves on it

  4. Great vid, full of ideas. When the Tennison is played against my Scandi, I play 2…e5, and switch to Elephant Gambit. The old switcheroo. Cheers.

  5. Wonderful traps, Im using this, but im surprised there are still more traps to discover!

  6. Very Nice! Transposition from Caro Kann to wonderful Tennison Gambit, these videos are very helpful!

  7. Brilliant idea,,, now i can play better,,, thanx man👍

  8. Very very good! But I wish you would show black's best moves as well.

  9. Ananyanish Nirvana Acupressure & Spiritual Healing says:

    Love your accent bro, your enthusiasm and energy.
    Your explanation is also superb.
    Keep the spirit up 👍

  10. Thanks, idea
    I am new to chess
    Where to start to improve my chess play fast and better?

  11. Wow that was enlightening I love chess ever since I introduced to it when I was a kid

  12. It will very helpful if more and more traps from Blacks side ( defence ) are shown . It will be good to have one full video of defense traps.

  13. thanks. I want to improve my chess game. This can really help.

  14. Traps can be set based on the prospective one should be familiar with both side it's not only your tricks think about the opponent as well try to think from his/her side then you can come up with counter attack

  15. wow ,,now I understand that,,
    but how to develop my mind ,,own I think that type game

  16. i love how you say fork, but it sounds like fuck

  17. "OK now that you are an intermediate chess player you don't drop pieces, you know the essential tactics, understand endgame basics and have some opening theory under your belt. The next thing you're going to need to study is how to punish people who sacrifice on f7 and f2 so you don't get discouraged and quit." – My chess teacher.

  18. I play the scotch and this is 100% legit I just won my first game using this 😂

  19. You sound like the Indian version of
    Joe pecci. Thanks for the advice.

  20. I like the moves, but I normally do the opposite of everything you just showed me when those moves are used against me. I scan the board for potential future moves against me. I got into chess when I was in 6th grade, a teacher was playing against another kid and kid beat him. I've probably lost in chess about 20 times in my life and I'm 53yrs old. I play as the game goes. But I'm teaching my grandkid and would love to teach him these moves so he might have a chance to beat me more often, he has won against me 3 times, he is ten years old and my wife gets after me because I won't just let him win, I don't let him win because he will not get better if I let him win. He has to win against me on his own. I am gonna have him watch your videos because he has a good memory and I know he will be able to remember those moves in this video. I have been teaching him to scan the board for opponents future moves instead of taking pieces someone puts in front of him. When I put a piece to be taken, he'll say oh you just messed up and I tell him oh I didn't see your guy there. So he takes my piece and BAM!, I trap him. Thanks for the videos you have put up.

  21. I always cover with second pawn not knight. Not sure if I am setting myself up for other traps

  22. This is really good, I can never progress in chess, stuck at 1400

  23. Very good I’m glad I found this channel!

  24. Beat every chess opening? You're an idiot. Chess is hundreds of years old, and not just one opening will work under all circumstances.

  25. that reply to the Scandinavian is vicious ! Well done Kaspa!

  26. first time watching your videos and i think i will subscribe as you gave out some very good advice. look forward to watching more of your videos. keep up the good work

  27. I’m here to learn and to foking the queen and the rook 😂😂😂😂😂

  28. If you play pawn to d5 on the opening your ass is mine I’m going to take then bishop to f2 etc…….

  29. In the regular chess the sac on f2, f7 is rare and mostly ungrounded. But if you ever played bug house, then if your opponent manages to take your f pawn then you're toast. Your main goal starting 'bug house' game is to protect your f pawn.

  30. Your strategies and explanation is great and it is fun to watch. Thanks for the good work 👍🏼

  31. Why would black’s first move be pawn to D5? Why would it set up itself to be eaten by the white pawn in e4?

  32. I tried watching these videos and I give up! I need a chess mentor or something 🤦🏾😢

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