Basic Openings for Black | Sicilian Dragon & King’s Indian | Chess with David Pakman

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In this live chess coaching session, I teach a simple black opening repertoire to David Pakman. David is a political commentator (host of the @David Pakman Show) and has recently been invited to the second edition of’s PogChamps (a chess tournament for popular streamers and online personalities). To prepare for the event, I showed him the basics of the Sicilian Dragon (against 1.e4) and the King’s Indian Defense (against 1.d4).
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  1. How cool that these two guys are getting together. Eric is a whiz bang player and teacher and David, deeply absorbed in the unfolding US calamity, takes a pause and asks the questions I expect many of us would like to hear answered. Thanks from British Columbia.

  2. You're the best teacher eric and there's no doubting thay

  3. Eric: "Alexa, stop it!"
    Alexa: denied
    Alexa: Become a Human

  4. Eric: Alexa, turn off!
    Alexa: "You dont have the permission to turn me off"
    Alexa: Become a Human


  6. …Jesus. Alexandra Botez, Levy, Rosen…Pakman is getting a master class, not a crash course.

    But…great content from Rosen, as always. 👏

  7. this is the collab i didn’t know i needed

  8. Kan into hedgehog would be the most simple sicilian, since compared to the dragon its not a "i cant afford to make mistakes" opening. Dragon is babies 1st sicilian but at the same time not until 2000! Sometime levy and my NM friend agree on. Basic openings first and foremost like e5

  9. I'm on the same level as David.
    I'd be asking the same questions.

  10. HI there! You have a very nice channel here. Keep playing gambits!

  11. literally my favorite chess streamer and my favorite political commentator on the same team <3

  12. David Pakman – he once remarked on Joe Rogan , he relaxed by watching chess streams

  13. This is probably hands down the most instructional video from you, Eric! Absolutely loved it and really looking forward to more content like this.

  14. Rosen, this type of content is fantastic!! Don’t get me wrong, I really do love the funny gambits and ooops I lost my queen. But real basic yet through analysis of basic openings – you just explain it so well.

    Please do more!

  15. Pogchamps is so stressful for the watcher. I'm screaming at a player "Take the queen! Take the queen!" And he/she invariably doesn't. Of course, in my own game against my chess program yesterday, after incredible jockeying around and preparation, I unleashed a knight, bishop, and rook assault on a pawn in front of the opponent's queen, and when the dust settled, I forgot to take the queen with my rook. "Damn, damn, damn," I muttered as I had to hit the "go back" button.

  16. I'm very much looking forward to see more of such ''basic'' video's!

  17. If you liked this video, I really recommend GothamChess’s videos with David too. Though Eric is #1

  18. "And I should be deploying opposition research on them" Aha! Opposition research. Pakman is putting it into the terms he's most familiar with.

  19. Thank you so much for posting a video like this. I was looking for this exact content and it’s amazing coming from you

  20. How much money do I have to pay to get Eric to tell me I’m better than my opponents

  21. JapanischErfahren - einfach online Japanisch lernen says:

    That student is so sleazy… could have picked a more likeable guy. :/

    Apart from that, videos like these are damn amazing. Just an insanely good, free chess lesson.

  22. The problem is, that White has not to cooperate. Against the Sicilain very often the main open Variation does not appear and you get an Alapin, Closed Sicilian, 2.c4, Grand Prix or Morra Variation. Then you can get 3. Bb5 and so on. And the main plan agaist the Dragon is not short castle but long castle with a very dangerous white attack. Against the King's Indian you can get the London, Trompowsky, Torre and so on and the King's Indian has many sub variation like Fianchetto, Sämisch, Four Pawns, Awerbach and so on. It is an ocean…. Chess is not so easy.

  23. This is so tight I watch both of them on a regular basis.

  24. Well yes the dragon is a better version of the Pirc and modern although it can get extremely sharp you can avoid the sharpness by playing the accelerated dragon avoiding the Yugoslav attack but allowing the Maroczy bind or the c3 d4 setup. Hikaru was already teaching the yugoslav attack in pogchamp 1 vs dragon players.

  25. What do I know? But I think e4 e5 is the biggest trap there is for black since there are way way to many openings for white to play that end in a trap. I agree, Sicilian dragon is the best for pleasure players.

  26. David: I'm looking for a basic opening that's easy to play without a lot of thought.
    Eric: Here's the Sicilian Dragon.

  27. I’ve watched you now for a minute and by far no disrespect but this is the best video I’ve seen from you

  28. If only player under 1300 played theory this could be useful 😀 Unfortunately, they don't and you usually end up with mess on the board after move 5 😛

  29. excellent video! I really enjoy your teaching methods and calm speech. Ten thumbs up

  30. Rosen about the dragon: "Very solid". "You're gonna have a very safe king". Yeah… about that… ;). Oh and another note: Rozmans note about not to play the Sic until 2000 is reasonable but at this level not a single opponent will know how to attack against the sicilian, so the reason for not playing it is moot.

  31. Thanks for this video. I like how you explain the decisions behind the moves and strategy. Best informative video on chess I've come across.

  32. What is this a crossover episode?
    Two of my fav youtubers in the same vid!

  33. I love how Eric is patiently explaining chess theory to a guy rated 800 who insists on talking like he has any sort of vague idea about what is going on.

  34. The Sicilian Dragon is called the Dragon because the pawn structure supposedly resembles the Draco constellation.

  35. This was fantastic. Think I'll start using KI as black against Queen's pawn.

    When playing the Sicilian, how does putting the Knight on e7 compare?

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