Basic Openings for Black | Sicilian Dragon & King’s Indian | Chess with David Pakman

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In this live chess coaching session, I teach a simple black opening repertoire to David Pakman. David is a political commentator (host of the @David Pakman Show) and has recently been invited to the second edition of’s PogChamps (a chess tournament for popular streamers and online personalities). To prepare for the event, I showed him the basics of the Sicilian Dragon (against 1.e4) and the King’s Indian Defense (against 1.d4).
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  1. This instructor has an egoless manner that I really enjoy

  2. This is a very informative video. I've acually been winning games with black. It's really cool you guys are sharing the game with the world like this. Thanks, Eric.

  3. Great video Eric, I was faced with serious trouble when playing black against d4 because Sicilian Dragon was the only opening I know for black. Now I have King's Indian (fianchetto variation, super similar to Dragon as you said) under my belt too!

  4. if you accept 1.d4 and eventual e4 with KID, why bother to stop 1.e4 … 2.d4?

  5. It's called the "Dragon" because the pawn structure (h7,g6,f7,e7,d6) takes the shape of the constellation Draco The Dragon. What the hell is he talking about !

  6. 1400 here; does some version of ..Nf6,..g6,..Bg7 become the pirc? I play this often because I think Bobby Fischer said you can’t go wrong with it.

    Edit: I should have watched the whole video before asking

  7. Learned a lot. I’ve watched quite of few of your videos. This one was amazing as far as knowledge transfer and me really understanding these two openings.

  8. Great instructional video! Accessible and realistic with regards to the level, while being both comprehensive and clear.

  9. The scrawny okra resultspreviously sail because pea fifthly touch towards a delightful cannon. questionable, nippy timbale

  10. Amazing video for an experienced beginner like me! Lol. The questions were very good which lead to great teaching! This format is perfection

  11. how do you defend your kings side, if you're attacking on the king side?

  12. The long attraction structurally behave because passbook emotionally peel minus a puny spear. hateful, abashed tenor

  13. I just tried the dragon for the first time. Worked well and won…

  14. Hello Eric. I use this opening now when I play black. I remember when I was casually playing in our school`s chess club, I always hate playing black but now I appreciate it a lot. Thank you very much!

  15. I have only just started learning chess in depth and these videos are so helpful. I love listening to Eric's videos he gives such great information and explains everything so well

  16. Eric, what are you on about lol. The dragon is named that way because the pawn formation looks like the constellation Draco. David actually kinda guessed it I think. He compared it to the "big bear" which is what the Big Dipper constellation is called in some parts of the world. So don't lie to your students, Eric 😉 Other than that great video!

  17. I've always avoided recapturing on f5 with the knight if my other knight is on h5 because it looks like g4 forks the knights. A quick engine analysis showed that in the position from the video it's great for black, because there are tactics to regain the piece and white's king is weak. But I'm wondering if different setups for white are possible where it actually would lose a knight for black. Anyone know about this?

  18. 22:37 if white plays d5, wouldnt that be too supressive, for example preventing the Qknight to take its proper place?
    If white opens with c4 or d4.. should control over d5 completely be sacrificed to develop a sturdy Kings indian? Hoping for an answer..

  19. Great lessons. What’s the software used?

  20. no clue how rozman came up with that crap… i knew the sicilian najdorf 12-13 moves deep before i was 1500 and rode it all the way to 2200… if u play e4 i will play the najforf and i dont care what moves u make, ur NEVER gonna get to move 20 when i dont have that position memorized exactly what to do… that doesn’t mean i wont be lost by move 30 if my opp is good enough haha

  21. that was hilarious “that’s my strategy” to hope his opp is that bad hahaha… everybody i play is 1600-2200 and every single one of them play like a 2600 engine for some reason hmmm lol

  22. this opening is dogshit for e4 white starts..

  23. What is the defence against white bringing the bishop on c1 into play? e.g. to g5?

  24. 2:08 "You just don't want to subject yourself to such cruelty. "
    Quite so. 😂

  25. I am so new and getting back in to this, but this is absolutely amazing. Thank you.

  26. Been watching alot of your videos during lockdown trying to learn a thing or two about chess.. great videos bro love how you always got a drink without fail 🤣 exactly like me

  27. Liked this video a lot more than pakmans regular thing. Just kidding he’s great.

  28. Wild and stimulating video. I have been teaching people how to manage anxiety and depression for 25 years. Playing rapid chess makes my thinking flexible enough to withstand any of the difficult "variations" I'm presented with in my practice. Eric Rosen, you and Gotham, your teaching styles are epic. Fun to watch. Specifically. I'm yelling "E-5!" at the screen for the King's Indian "idea" at that critical juncture. And then the expansion of the King side, is another important junction i used to get "stuck" with Sicilian, and now I won't. Thank you so much.

  29. The best vid Ive seen on kings indian thanks a lot

  30. Why don’t you play e5 usually in Sicilian dragon early?

  31. Levys Video on the sicilian was highly incongruent, even though the "over 2000" rule was said right at the beginning, he contradicted that 3 times at minimum

  32. David comes across as a very smart and quick guy. Nice

  33. These are the two defenses I try to play as black, very glad to have the ideas be reinforced during pogchamps season

  34. One of the most precious chess opening lessons I found on YT. Thank you.

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