Basic Chess Openings Explained

I get a lot of questions about chess openings. In this video and the comments below, I’ll answer all of them! ASK AWAY BELOW!



  1. Oh my god!! Coming from twitch, i have never seen him so formal. Its kind of like the first time you meet someone vs when you really get to know them!!

  2. Kings indian setup was pretty much the first one I ever learned as a kid and I always played it against my dad. He would always win, but over time I got to the point where I could actually put pressure on him so it wasn't easy for him to win anymore. I have recently gotten semi serious about learning more chess, and I want to play him again to see if he's still better than me. I think that I was better than him at thinking ahead with my moves, but I was terrible in the early game, so if I can improve my early game I might be able to beat him

  3. I love you. Lol I hope to beat my son this weekend. My time has come!

  4. Where can I find chess courses? I'm currently new to the game. My goal is to reach 2000. Looking forward for the information^^

  5. I feel like this video is less helping the new comer to chess with openings and more here's a bunch of chess terminology that really doesn't matter for the new comer to chess.

  6. Levt has changed so much since the early days lmao

  7. Sometimes i open a path for C1 bishop, and then move the bishop to G5, some beginner may not notice it, but sometimes it could work with intermediary players if they're not paying attention to it, so its kind of a gamble. Once the bishop is on G5, you can either get your enemy to open E7 or try to lure them to open it. If they didn't notice the bishop. You can go for the queen. Although the bishop will die. I think killing off the queen is a good trade. (This barely works, and if they know about it you can always retreat.)

  8. in bullet
    im getting so many people with a scholars mate lookalike in the sicillian its insane xD

  9. See everyone says learn the endgame first but like how good at that should I be before I start learning openings because I feel like I just end up in shitty end games because my opening is terrible and I always lose pieces

  10. Whenever I see levy waring shirt I can't stop my laugh

  11. THANK YOU! Grew up playing with my grandpa, always thought I was a decent player until I started playing online against others lol. Learning so much, appreciate it bub.

    Finally beat Stockfish level 5 today after 30+ games of trying. Lichess Stockfish AI is so tough! But hey, at-least i'm learning.

  12. Question? How do i answer after to enemy Moves after playing d4

  13. lmfao first old video of levys I've watched. he went for the prim and proper nerdy chess player look 😂😂 opposite of his current personality

  14. You're a great communicator and chess teacher. I'd love in the opening to also recognize when I can deviate from opening principles because my opponent made an opening error. A title like, "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist," I think would be tantalizing to watch. Examples of breaking the rules in the opening, mid, and endgame would all be fun and educational to watch.

  15. Thank you for this video. I just an ok player & still learning how to think through my opponents moves. My brother-in-law play via texting (we live 3 hrs apart) and he's fairly skilled compared to me. He is a classic engineer, very methodical and thinks a lot and plots accordingly. My question is instead of moving Nf3 he moves N f6. Do I just continue on with the opening or trade P's and go from there? I look forward to any and all responses. And thanks for your videos. 
    PS don't know that it matters any but I'm 68 yrs old just recently picked up playing again after first teaching myself how to play about 35-40 years ago.

  16. I am at around 300 right now and i need an opening, which should i use?

  17. I tried the one of the black set up openings but my 400 rated påonent just double pushed a pawn intoy horse first 2 moves and I was flabbergasted

  18. how should I play after the opening is ended? I'm very new

  19. Helpful distinction between set up and theory types of openings

  20. This video is only 2 years old and I'm like who's this smuck where is my Levi

  21. 2 years ago Gotham was so polite and formal xD

  22. I've been playing chess for years, but have never studied. I often play a good game, but am sick of making stupid mistakes. Mistakes in the opening have far reaching consequences; not at all obvious at the time. If I can eliminate those errors – get off to a good start, I think/hope/pray it will improve my game considerably. Thanks for these videos.

  23. i have no idea how to go about the mid game and the checkmate

  24. What should be my next move if 1. e4 c6 2. nc3?

  25. So, is it important to always castle the King? As a total novice I barely know how to castle the King, and it's only something I would think to do at the end when my King is in serious trouble!

  26. Is it bad to jump both Knights out over the pawns as an opener? Does that have a name? Like the Sicilian Retard, or something like that?

  27. A button up shirt?! (Yes, this a blatant counter-troll of the trolls who have commented on your “unprofessional” appearance in recent videos. Get a tank top with a bow tie and put them to bed.)♟

  28. Levy in 2020: "Hello. In this video, you will learn about beginner chess openings. If you're looking for openings advice, you've come to the right place."
    Levy in 2022: "What's up, I've got an opening for you that will smack your grandmother and blow your ass clean off."

  29. from what i learned from chess videos, is that we must blunder at about 1:00 minute into the game, someone can turn it into the dame dane… dame yo…dame nano yo meme.

  30. I first downloaded the chess app without knowing any gameplans at all, I simply knew the moves and could play. I played the bots and did well, 1062 rank. THEN I watched videos such as this in a bid to improve my game. I expect people will not actually believe this, but the truth is, since trying to use openings etc and develop proper strategy my score has plummeted to 300 or so. In attempting to learn the nuts and bolts of the game I became absolutely terrible. Now I lose to bot Jimmy regularly, I can't actually beat him any more. It feels hopeless, I cannot actually revive my old ways. Your videos and others like it, honestly made me worse. Go figure. That's not to criticize your videos, it's me, in trying to implement what I learned I became terrible. It's amazing really. I want to give all up now.

  31. This video is perfect for me as a novice, I usually start with e4 etc etc when playing white but am a little confused when playing black as I don’t feel I am dictating anything. Always watch your videos, you are one of only two I follow. Thnx for sharing

  32. i love how i follow these opening and learn all this stuff but i still end up getting shit pumped by 300 rated players and they dont seem to leave anything hanging or ever have squares open. i feel like im in an alternate reality where i see videos in your world where 1000 rated players suck and 300 rated players are insane in mine.

  33. I just finished learning how the pieces move and figured I'd watch a video to get ideas on how to start my games, but this video goes way too fast for me to follow.

  34. I watched the first 2 minutes of this video.

    I've probably played about 500-1000 games of Chess in my entire life. Over the board without timers.

    It's also been about 20 years since I last played a game of chess.

    This video is too fast for me and it's not for beginners. If that is any help at all, I hope it serves you well.

  35. Is there a really good book for beginners on openings?

  36. My question is, how do I properly develop the queen? I'm rated about 700, so I just develop my knights and my bishops and I castle. Great little setup, but then I just don't know how to attack. The board is just stuffed with pieces lol. Eventually I'll start blundering and lose, even though I had such a good start. What can do I do?

  37. My how your videos have changed (for the better)

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