Annoying Chess Opening: Beat the Englund Gambit as White

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shows how to counter one of the most annoying and tricky chess openings by Black, the Englund Gambit, which arises after 1.d4 e5. Black’s idea is to avoid the traditional closed queen’s pawn games and create an open game with tactical chances, but at the cost of a pawn.

You will learn how to counter this gambit as White, common traps by Black and how to escape them, and how to counter Black’s tricks.

► Chapters

00:00 Nasty Chess Opening Trick, Englund Gambit Counter
00:42 Do NOT fall for this trap (avoid this mistake)
01:58 White’s best move to win (counter-trick)
02:58 1) If Black plays 6…Bb4
04:44 Creating the second knight fork
05:51 Beautiful tactics to win the game
07:29 2) If Black plays 6…Nb4
08:58 Black’s last tricky attempt
09:58 Puzzle of the day: Can you find the win?

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  1. Englund gambit is so tricky! Thank you by showing us how to send them to the funeral.

  2. 4:46 I never thought I'd hear the guy who helped me raise my elo by 400 points and who inspires me to continue playing chess saying 'I don't give a f**k'

  3. Nd5 if take then fork Queen and King otherwise fork King and rook

  4. I am trying to play the Englund gambit since I got motivated by your video, and now you are releasing a video on how to counter it 😂😂😂

  5. Your videos are the most helpful out of all the chess content creators by far. Always great tactical ideas and you explain the lines very clearly. Thanks again Igor you legend!

  6. I dont give a fork! Haha..made me rewatch that moment; as almost thought I imagined it! 🤣

  7. Be3, Q forced to f6. Qd5, forcing exchange of Q,s. Will win the rook by move f7. I f hxg4, rxh8

  8. For the puzzle 1.Nd5 should do it. If 1. … Qxb5 2.Nc7+ forks the King and Queen. If 1. … Qd8 2.Nbc7+ wins the Queen again since the King cannot move. If 1. … Qc5 2.Be3 Qc3 3.Nbc7+ wins a Rook. And if 1. … Qc6 2.Nbc7+ Kd8 3.Nxa8 and if 3. … Qxd5 4.Bg5+ wins the Queen.

  9. Bro you are so awesome keep it up man 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Keep it up!! Ur videos are very good and i nowadays prefer ur chess videos over gothamchess

  11. Answer is Nd5. If qxb5 then Nc7 family fork and queen is lost. And after this, white is completely winning!

  12. Homie, I was literally watching your video on how to play the Englund and now you're pissing over all my hardwork 😭😭😭

  13. 1.Nd5 Qc6(After Nd5 Black queen takes the night on b5,then Nc7+ it's a triple fork winning the queen)
    2.Nbc7+ Kd8
    3.Nxa8(White wins the rook for free) b5 (If again Qxd5 then Bg5+ winning the black queen for free

  14. Excellent video. Thanks for sharing 🎉

  15. Englud player here. Came here to see what I need to face shortly.

  16. Nd5 seems pretty good. The queen has to go just stand over on g6 or something

  17. Thanks for this video! I've been getting into chess again lately and I'm trying to expand my play styles. I am a big fan of the Wayward Queen attack simply because of how aggressive it is. But I like the Hare Defense/Meadow Hay Trap opening too. This is a great strategy breakdown and I look forward to employing it.

  18. Excellent! Before this video, I had stopped my preparation at 6.Nc3 thinking I had prevented Black's only trap but you are correct, there is more to it and the moves for White are not easy to find, especially in Blitz. Now I feel more prepared-thanks Igor!

  19. En este correo electrónico la lengua materna es el castellano, aunque entiendo bastante de inglés no lo tengo como habitual y me falta fluidez, luego les quedan dos opciones no enviar videos a este correo en inglés o bien en su lugar enviarlos EN CASTELLANO los cuales que serían bienvenidos, GRACIAS

  20. Yes yes yes thank you so much we need this other than denying the gambit

  21. my man really said "I don't give a fock"

  22. So a complicated gambit for white to react but a winning position for white if the player knows what they're doing.

  23. thank you! i was just looking for this yesterday!

  24. My guess is Nd5, when black queen moves away, NC2.
    Great videos! Thank you!😊😊😊

  25. 0:52 after Qb4+, you can also play Nc3, let black grab your bishop on f4, then you go Nd5, forking Queen and c7! Usually a big surprise for black, white gets a good game, specially at blitz games, if black doesnt know the line. Black should be very careful.

  26. This is a very good and instructive video on refuting the Englund Gambit!
    I have lost games to it; and appreciate learning how to refute it.

  27. knight d5 with the idea of nc7 next move. If the pawn takes your knight, black loses his rook, if his queen takes your knight, that's lost to the nc7 fork. If black just moves the queen to save her, nbc7 anyway to win the rook.

  28. Nd5 move and et al., wins atleast Rook or Queen.

  29. I use this gambit to counter london but now london players is gonna counter me instead 💀

  30. What if you moved your knight to A4 chasing away the queen and then getting the paw that is targeting your second knight at 8:08

  31. the winning move is Nd5 and if Qxb5 then Nc7+ forking the king, queen and the rook

  32. I think d4 is the annoying opening, not 1…e5

  33. In 1933 a gentleman by the name of Willem Nicolaas Dinger attempted to play this opening as Black in a simultaneous exhibition by Alexander Alekhine, who had won the world championship six years earlier. Alekhine dismantled Dinger in 28 moves.

  34. The C7 check to the King is wrong. You move the Knight B4 you check the king and the knight takes the Queen… come on man

  35. Englund gambit is the same as wwq attack. Hartlaub Charlick variation is much better. (dxe5 d6) also it's much trickier. Regardless of white moves except knight b5 pin(you play qd2) just bg4 nc6 nf3 qe2 000. There are potential bishop sacs on h2 if they castle. You got easy opposite side castle and easy plan (pawn push on the kingside) many opponents just develop but falls for bxh2+ either winning the queen or the king.

  36. Puzzle best move knight d5

  37. Yep I faced this opening before. It's a good gambit but I never tried it.

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