Aggressive Chess Openings | Speedrun Episode 53

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Beginner to Master Speedrun Playlist:

In this Beginner to Master Speedrun Series, I try to climb the rating ladder while providing lots of lessons about chess along the way. In this episode, I play 3 highly instructive chess games that feature some aggressive chess openings and lots of important lessons.

0:00 Free chess courses!
1:10 Two Knights Attack vs French Defense
9:39 Facing the Grand Prix Attack
23:19 Aggressive Scotch Opening, inspired by ChessMood!


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  1. 34:50 that “pin from behind” was a pretty cool tactic to win the game. I would imagine that’s a bit of a rare tactic! Great game Eric.

  2. That second game, opponent was playing way too fast

  3. The only 40 minute video that feels like 5

  4. If anyone was hoping to sort through this series i've been putting them in to a web site called chesstube. I can't post the link but if you type it into google should be the fifth or sixth result! there's an "app" at the end of the url.

  5. wow brilliant mate at the end — how did you see that backdoor pin? — I'm quitting chess for good.

  6. I really enjoyed that last one with Eric’s recognition of the mating nets. That’s an important concept I can benefit from.

  7. ChessMood is actually amazing, I signed up with your link and I highly recommend it. I'm doing their e4 course at the moment.

  8. Slowest speedrun on record approaches new limit

  9. This episode was especially helpful to me, as the last two games feature openings I play a lot. But you showed me variations I can play in the early going, that improve my chances and maybe get my opponent into his discomfort zone. Thanks twice — once for the entertainment, and once for the instruction.

  10. “Not a mating concept you see everyday “ well maybe if you dropped episodes everyday we would.

  11. Both very high-quality games on your part — especially the interesting mate in Game #2. Nice work!

  12. You can just pre record all the episodes and schedule their release so we dont run out of videos while you travel

  13. How dare you move the queen side knight 3x in a row Eric! 😂

  14. Backshots from the bishop is not what I expected in a Rosen upload

  15. The backwards pin to end game 3 was craaaazy

  16. 5:50 Nf5 is clearly a good move. Much better than f5 or Nh5. It threatens multiple royal forks while also giving another attacker to a pawn, and threatening a good bishop too

  17. Would love to see you play the Scotch Gambit. It's one of my favorite lines and I never see anyone as skilled as you play it.

    Cheers and thanks for all the awesome content.

  18. oh man the backwards bishop pin in the last game was beautiful

  19. the mate in the last game was intense!

  20. Thank you Eric for your hard work and dedication. Love your content!

  21. Thanks ! I love so much the games ! Also at 5:51 on the first game, an even stronger move was Nf5! Instead of Nh5. If Qxe6 Nxg7+ winning the queen, and Nf5 will be followed by Nxg7+ de castling the king anyway, but threatens also Nxd6. So many threats with this move ! I was not sure it worked but computer confirms.

  22. You played the opening wrong in the first game Ng3 is wrong, you're meant to c3

  23. I wish he would play the Scandinavian, mieses kotrc lines more. Or the scorch Schmidt.
    Italians and french are just boring to play with. 😅

  24. Please consider making a shorter time control

  25. I've been using Chess mood and it's so great

  26. Best show on the Internet!!! Have been enjoying it for quite a while now. Thanks a ton, Eric!

  27. The courses of chessmood have really good quality.

  28. Game#3 "Oh…OOP! Wait a minute. It's not checkmate." 🤣🤣🤣
    My man caught it just in time.
    EDIT: I get that it was still forced mate and the move was ultimately the correct one but Eric wasn't sure of that in the moment and so took his time to double check. The whole sequence was amusing and instructional at the same time which is why I love this series.

  29. Very good video. I'm gonna use this and lose a lot of ELO

  30. you're creeping up to my rating, is there anywhere where you anounce where you're playing for the series so i might get a chance of playing against you?

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