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The Queen’s Pawn Opening, beginning with 1. d4, is one of the whites’ most popular and sound options to begin a chess game.

White advances the queen’s pawn
White immediately takes control of the center and opens lines of development for his pieces. It’s clear that the Queen’s Pawn Opening adheres to the Chess Opening Principles. Many modern Grandmasters prefer to begin their chess games by advancing the d-pawn to the center of the board.

In contrast with the King’s Pawn Opening, the Queen’s Pawn is already defended (by the queen) upon its arrival in the center of the board, so any threat to this pawn doesn’t necessarily have to be immediately addressed.

This tends to afford each player a higher degree of flexibility than can be seen in a King’s Pawn opening. Many opening systems under the umbrella of Queen’s Pawn Openings are defined more by their ideas than by specific move orders – though that’s not to say that sharp, precise variations don’t exist!

Many distinct opening systems can arise from the Queen’s Pawn Opening. I’m going to break them down into two broad categories:

Black places their own Queen’s Pawn in the center with 1…d5, equalizing control of the center.

Black does not play the move 1…d5 and seeks to contest the center by other means.


  1. Queen is sacrified, Butt, the next move – "ZeMehtt" i love this dude. 😅

  2. Almost pulled it off exactly like the video but he moved his queen differently and prevented the mekt

  3. For those asking “What happens if Black Queen takes White Knight instead of Black Bishop taking White Queen?”

    White Bishop will take Black Queen

  4. Seems kinda iffy for white…if black queen takes knight then white would lose 2 pieces for 1.

  5. what if QxNb5 not the quuen with bishop

  6. Something is MOVING VERY NERVOUSLY in the right corner.
    Can't see the game, i cancelled the channel from my list. Sorry.

  7. Beautiful!! Subscribed for life!!! THANK YOU!!!😇

  8. 👍👍👍👍👍

  9. This is great but before the bishop takes the Queen pre-move the knight so that it looks like a mistake

  10. “Mekt” is perfect my life is now complete

  11. What happens if the queen moves backwards to it's position 🙄 Fvck, chess is annoying

  12. Only low iq will play like this what an ediot move

  13. Instead of take white queen black doesn't fall for it and moves black queen to a5. White is now in trouble, the end.

  14. You know if he decided to attack the knight and I atacked the bishop I d lose the queen and if I moved the queen out of the w1y i d lose a rook … this trick can be effective against beginners

  15. It's halosar trap, everyone knows it 😢

  16. Yes, I perform these very simple 78 moves and my opponent exactly playing into my hands every chess game I play. 😅

  17. cool but actual aggressive chess the worst thing you can do is sac pawns best things you can do is coordinate your pieces properly

  18. This trap/opening is called "Blackmar Diemer trap"
    And it is good. I often use it aginst 1200 or lower😁

  19. What if black queen check's the white king

  20. This was a terrible method lol u sacrificed your queen for little to no gain for a rook

  21. Queen played d6😂😂😂 my opponent is not 5 year old

  22. Som trap master plays the same 😅

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